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We love hearing from you! Everything we do at Rapid Repair Pro is designed to serve you better than you expected when it comes to your need for skilled handyman O’Fallon services. From the first phone call or the very first time you submit via the web contact form, all the way through the workflow from the invoicing and payment options and more, we put your convenience at the absolute top of mind.

Do you remember how much hassle it used to be in order to find and get a hold of contractors back in the day? First, you had to open the yellow pages and throw a dart to pick someone, then try to call them and get no answer and no call back. But the best part is having to repeat the whole mess until someone finally responded. Even then, half the time, they did not show up!

These days you don’t have to throw a dart at the yellow pages. You have options and information at your fingertips. With the miracle of the internet, we can easily check out a service provider, look over the website, and get a feel for them before calling. Good handymen cannot get away with bad habits for long anymore. You deserve better and therefore, you should expect great service from your handyman O’Fallon provider, and with Rapid Repair Pro, you will get the best service. Oftentimes, I get a surprised response from customers when I actually answer a call or quickly return a call. That says a lot about the service industry, I too get frustrated when I can’t get ahold of a service provider. When they don’t answer I move on to the next on the list.

Isn’t it fun when a neighbor or friend mentions that they are needing something done but don’t know who to call and you have a perfect referral for them? I know it makes me feel good to be able to help folks out like that. That is the kind of handyman company we want to be for our customers. I want you to be so happy with our service that you would always be waiting to sing our praises anytime someone mentions a need! I like to think of our customers as our cheerleading squad, and I take great care to develop that kind of loyalty.


You have many ways to contact us.

  1. You can drive by our office and throw a rock with a note containing your number at the window. (Not our favorite though).
  2. You can use mind waves and think really hard about wanting handyman services and see if we respond. This works about as well as calling most people.
  3. You can email us at
  4. You can call us at 800-741-6056
  5. You can reach us on Facebook at
  6. You can submit a web form right now on our website at


Don’t wait too long to call! Repairs are usually more expensive the longer you wait to get it done, especially if it involves water or moisture. We recently had a customer call for a toilet repair that had they called when they first noticed a problem would have saved them $200 on the water & sewer bill. There are so many things to keep up with these days and newer homes built since the 1970’s are really bad about failing due to moisture problems. Years ago, homes were built to be able to get wet sometimes, building cavities could dry out and not stay continually wet. Since the energy crises, homes have been tightened up with insulation and vapor barriers that when a wall gets wet the moisture has no where to dry to and rot occurs. Add to that the fact that building materials used today are not as resistant to rot as old growth lumber is. This another reason why you should not allow just anyone to work on your home. Homes have many systems that affect each other in profound ways, and it is important to understand how that all works to avoid other problems. We understand these things and have studied building science, and energy efficiency. This way we can do the best repair job possible for you.

The way to avoid expensive repairs is to have your home checked by us every year to find and fix any problems you may not even know about. We can come in and perform a full inspection of the exterior and interior systems and give you a report of the findings and help you put together a plan to prioritize those important now items and budget for things that can be completed later. There is no charge for this service, and you will not be obligated to do any of the work. We don’t believe in pressuring you; we just want to help you keep up your home and be your go to handyman service.