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Rapid Repair Pro – Handyman Maryville

Phone: (800) 741-6056

2900 Maryville Rd,
Maryville, IL 62062

History of Phil Green the Best Handyman in Maryville

Phil Green, the owner and founder of Rapid Repair Pro has been learning and honing his craft in all fields for over forty years now.

The early early early years:

It all started years ago when Phil’s dad’s buddy gave Phil some scrap lumber. Phil took that lumber when he was twelve (TWELVE!!!) years old and (with some help and guidance) built what all kids dream of building: an exclusive clubhouse for him and his friends. He didn’t know it then, but this began his journey to becoming the best handyman in Maryville.

The early early years:

He slowly learned the craft and soaked in all the knowledge he could from the people around him. When he was a teenager he was already gaining a reputation of being the best handyman/carpenter in school. By the time he was in high school he was already ridiculously good. So good that when he signed up for shop class as an elective instead of learning he essentially started his first business. During class time when others were learning the basics, he was taking custom orders from the teachers. In doing so at this young age he taught himself how to be responsible by managing his time and learning to listen to the customers (aka teachers) and overall creating a positive atmosphere that ended in a 100% customer satisfaction rating on his results.


The early years:

In the year 1980, after high school, he decided to use his skills and time to help his nation by enlisting in the US Coast Guard. For six years he enjoyed serving his country, the United States of America, as a US Coast Guard  Boatswains Mate Second class. He started by serving on the icebreaker USCGC Westwind where he was in the frigid artic. He then went on to serve at a marine safety office inspecting vessels and investigating pollution. His last assignment was on the USCGC Ute where he was in the warm toasty Key West. While he was in the coldest cold of the artic, in the middle of it all at the office, and in the warmest warm in Key West he learned a lot about leadership and responsibility.

After six years he decided to come back to his home area which is around Collinsville and took another step of becoming the best handyman in the area by officially becoming a carpenter in 1986. He slowly but surely learned, remembered, retained, and honed his skills in carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work for the next couple decades.

Beginning of a New Millennium:

Around 2004 Phil was confident in all fields when he decided to do what his dad’s friend did for him, but on a much bigger scale. Instead of a clubhouse he had his 13 year old son, Scott, help construct a large two story addition to his home. Decades later Scott still remembers how grueling, fun, and satisfying it was to build this two-story addition. When asking about his experience Scott fondly remembered and told us, “We worked on the project together from the foundation up till the last piece of trim. I will never forget carrying all two-hundred-and-sixty of those eighty pound bags of concrete around the house and down the hill to mix for the footings. A few times I couldn’t stop on the hill and kept running with the bag until I got to the bottom of the hill. Me and mom thought it was funny, but dad told me to quit goofing off (dads right)” Anyway, it was a great experience, made me strong, and helped create a bond with my dad that we still have today”. That experience led Scott to go on and be a union carpenter apprentice and eventually becoming a union carpenter in his early years. 

In 2007 Phil started a remodeling company that offered kitchen renovation, bathroom renovations, room additions, and general remodeling services that he named Green Remodeling. This company had great potential and reputation early on and it was forecasted to become a powerhouse, but unfortunately the 2008 recession happened.

Instead of giving up or skimming by Phil decided to further educate himself by earning a license in Illinois as a radon mitigator in both residential and commercial buildings in 2009. He is one of the few people qualified in the entire Southern Illinois region to do commercial buildings. This once again shows his commitment to not just learning, but truly becoming the master in every craft he decides to venture in making him the handiest handyman. In 2010 he furthered his education and earned his certificate in HVAC at South Western Illinois College. He did so well and his reputation as a handyman was so stellar he later returned to South Western Illinois College to become an instructor in HVAC and electrical. With his past and current knowledge Phil realized the potential in indoor air quality services. He began to add indoor air quality services to Green Remodeling and it was doing so well that Scott decided to join Green Remodeling and was named a full partner in 2012. The indoor air quality services were doing so well that they decided to invest into it further by purchasing a franchise of Advantaclean in 2015.


In 2019 both Green Remodeling and Advantaclean were doing extremely well. It is easy to have staff that know very little about many things, but that is when quality drops. They both wanted talented focused professionals and to be the best in their craft that they decided that they needed to split into two. At the helm of the Advantaclean franchise stood Scott as the sole president. Even though the companies split, the two are still on great terms, so much so Scott jokingly said, “I plan to buy that house from my folks soon and raise my own family there”.

Phil was now the sole president of Green Remodeling. He decided to rebrand the company Repair Pro because Phil decided he wanted to use all of his skills instead of just focusing on the remodeling portion.



Rapid Repair Pro provides talented, speedy, and professional handyman services all throughout your home. We do little projects most contractors don’t want to bother with and larger jobs such as patching drywall, rebuilding decks, installing doors, electrical, and plumbing repairs. We have technicians that have amazing knowledge of general tasks and technicians with extremely deep knowledge of one specialty.

Our ultimate goal is to create a handyman service system that can be repeated nationwide!