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Rapid Repair Pro – Handyman O’Fallon

Phone: (800) 741-6056

220 E State St #1B,
O’Fallon, IL 62269

Proving We Are The Best O’Fallon Handyman Team

According to Google a handyman is “a person able or employed to do occasional domestic repairs and minor renovations”. According to Merriam-Webster it is “a person who does odd jobs” and “one competent in a variety of small skills or inventive or ingenious in repair or maintenance work”. The definition is so broad that people can’t really put a thumb on everything they do. Handyman is synonymous with the famous saying “jack of all trades master of none”. Wikipedia even claims that “historically being a handyman was considered a less prestigious occupation than a specialist such as a plumber, electrician, or carpenter”. Generally if you ask around what the average handyman’s reputation is they are often categorized with and/or next to car salesmen, telemarketers, and mattress salesmen. Many women consider having a stranger (usually a man) in their home quite stressful.


Here at Rapid Repair Pro we are answering questions and quelling worries. We are different than your average Chuck-on-a-truck.

Question: What can you do?

Answer: Here are 100 different services we can do. We can do more, but that is all we thought of for now.

  1. Install a new mailbox
  2. Install address numbers
  3. Gutter cleaning
  4. Install gutter guards
  5. Downspout extensions
  6. Fix and/or repair the siding
  7. Redo exterior caulking around windows
  8. Redo exterior caulking around doors
  9. Checking all flashing
  10. Checks outdoor pipes and penetrations
  11. Replace damaged or missing shingles
  12. Fix minor holes in the concrete
  13. Replace gate hinges
  14. Fix a gate
  15. Install a fence around the perimeter of your house
  16. Fix a fence
  17. Repair loose deck fascia
  18. Power wash and stain a deck
  19. Make a deck
  20. Make a landing step on a current staircase for landscaping needs
  21. AAAAAAAA fix a sticky window
  22. Replace window screen
  23. Replace window glass
  24. Install doorbell
  25. Install Nest doorbell
  26. Install Nest wireless door lock
  27. Make a proper seal around a door
  28. Replace door
  29. Install door
  30. Install French doors
  31. Install pocket “hidden doors”
  32. Install interior trim to doors
  33. Stain boat dock
  34. Repair cabinets
  35. Install closet shelf systems
  36. Install new spindles on a staircase
  37. Fix handrails
  38. Install custom handrails
  39. Make handrails
  40. Patch drywall
  41. Texture drywall
  42. Make minor additions with wood and drywall
  43. Create an opening for lights in the ceiling
  44. Install a ceiling light
  45. Install a ceiling fan
  46. Install a chandelier
  47. Install under cabinet lighting
  48. install Nest thermostat
  49. install smoke alarms
  50. install security cameras
  51. install exterior standard outlet
  52. install ground fault outlets
  53. replace bad breakers
  54. fix faucet leak
  55. replace faucet
  56. replace showerhead
  57. replace vanity
  58. install shower safety bar
  59. make an active passive system active
  60. install garage door openers
  61. replace shower doors
  62. bond gas lines
  63. bond water lines
  64. clean and install dryer vents
  65. install bath fan
  66. install kitchen fan
  67. install exterior vents for exhaust fan
  68. install garbage disposal
  69. install curtain rods
  70. repair missing grout
  71. change lightbulbs
  72. fix squeaky floor
  73. remove fireplace insert
  74. install fireplace insert
  75. install cabinet handles
  76. install soft close hinges
  77. replace screen door weather stripping
  78. repair drywall tape joints
  79. touch up paint
  80. balance ceiling fan or light
  81. replace toilet
  82. replace door knobs
  83. replace light switch
  84. remove cabinets
  85. put up paintings
  86. put up mirrors
  87. replace storm door
  88. install oven
  89. repair water damaged floor joists
  90. replace water damaged sub floor
  91. fix baseboard
  92. install baseboard
  93. fix trim
  94. install trim
  95. fix water damaged ceiling
  96. install diving wall
  97. make ceiling popcorn texture
  98. add access panel to main water shut off
  99. install motion activated switches
  100. install sliding door lock

Question: What qualifications do you have to be considered a ‘master’

Answer: Phil has been doing this for forty plus years and 10 of his qualifications are listed below. He teaches the Rapid Repair Pro team to become as proficient as he is.

  1. Worked as a professional carpenter since 1986
  2. Earned an Illinois license in radon mitigation in 2009
  3. Earned a certificate in HVAC in 2010 from South Western Illinois College
  4. Began teaching HVAC and electrical to students at South Western Illinois College
  5. Began a remodeling business called Green Remodeling in 2007
  6. Opened an AdvantaClean franchise with his son in 2015
  7. Won the 2016 Presidents Club award for AdvantaClean
  8. Won the 2016 Rookie of the Year award for AdvantaClean
  9. That 12-year-old company was rebranded Rapid Repair Pro in 2019
  10. Became licensed to inspect homes in 2020

Question: Why should I hire you instead of a specialist?

Answer: Phil Green served this nation in the United States of America Coast Guard from 1980 to 1986. For his country he traveled to the Artic, Guantanamo Bay Cuba, and Key West. He is so trustworthy and meticulous he worked in the safety office doing pollution investigation and vessel inspections. He brings that leadership and sense of responsibility to his business.

Imagine that you have to go shopping for groceries. You need to buy some windshield wiper fluid, soap, apples, and meat. Of course you don’t want bad quality anything. That is an absolute recipe for disaster. You still want quality, but you must admit some grocery stores are amazing. The staff are courteous, kind, and knowledgeable. It makes sense to go there most of the time. It saves time and money usually compared to going to an auto shop, Lush/Bath&Body Works/Bathhouse, an orchard, and the butcher. It is completely understandable if your car needs special fluid, if your skin is extremely sensitive, you find the experience of picking in the orchard fun, or if you need a specific cut of meat to go to the specialist, but rarely is there an occasion where you have to go to each individual place every time. For most work, you can get great service at your local Dierbergs. Some jobs we don’t do, but for the most part, we do a great solid job. I mean we have 100 things listed above!

Question: How can you prove your trustworthiness?

Answer: Don’t just trust us, trust the happy people that have already used us. We are considered EXCEPTIONAL by Google Reviews with 100% of our reviews being FIVE STARS!

“I had a water leak in my attic that collapsed my ceiling in the hall. They replaced, repaired leak and painted. There is absolutely no way you can tell my ceiling collapsed! They had the most amazing skilled plasterer I’ve ever had. They also installed a new door and frame. These men were very skilled and efficient. I will use them again for everything I need repaired.”

-Kathleen H.


“The technicians did an outstanding job. They kept me well informed through the entire process. Highly recommend!!”

-David S.


“Rapid Repair Pro came through at the nick of time when we were preparing to rent our home. They were timely and effective. We will be using their service in the future.
Thanks Rapid Repair Pro!!! Well done!”

-Parry C.


“Phil and his team did a great job helping me with my needs for my home. Caring for the well being of my family was top priority. He was quick, informative, and very professional from the phone call to then end of project! Highly recommend!”

-Jeff N.


“I have used Rapid Repair for over 5 years. As a real estate agent, I am very appreciative of their timely response to estimates and their ability to cross over all home maintenance and repair disciplines – carpentry, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, handy-man repairs. They are truly a one-stop shop when it comes to anything and everything home repair and maintenance. Add to that honesty and integrity and you have the full package with this company!”

-Jen T.

Question: How can you make me feel safe?

Answer: It may seem silly, but we have many points of contact. You have our information, and we are more than happy to give you our technicians information ahead of time. We send a confirmation email with the technicians name, time, and date so you know exactly when we should be there. Our team wears uniforms with our logo for every job. We have a sense of responsibility and accountability and those precautions should help you feel safer compared to a chuck-on-a-truck.