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Old Kitchen Cabinets: 9 Signs You Need a Replacement

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Your kitchen says a lot about your home, and your home says a lot about you. If your kitchen cabinets look outdated or are covered in dents, what does that tell your guests?

Many homeowners upgrade their kitchen cabinets at some point. Not only does it add value to your home, but it’s also cheaper than you think. The average return on investment for a kitchen remodel is 83%.

Unsure if it’s time to hire kitchen remodeling services in St. Louis, MO? Keep reading to learn the nine signs your old kitchen cabinets need a replacement.

1. They Never Look Clean

Stains and faded paint are difficult to buff out. If your cabinets are old, they might never look clean despite your efforts. Instead of putting a fresh coat of paint over old or cheap cabinets — replace them!

New cabinets look clean with minimal effort and add value to your home.

2. They’re Broken

You use your kitchen cabinets every day. Over time, the following damage can occur:

  • Cabinet doors won’t open or close
  • Wood damage
  • Missing handles
  • Misaligned cabinets
  • Scratches
  • Dents

Damaged cabinets reflect poorly on your home and are unsafe. Extensive damage can cause the cabinets to disconnect from the wall, which is dangerous for you and your family.

Repairs to damaged cabinets can be costly. New doors might not fit existing hardware or be incompatible. Instead of making frequent repairs, replace your dated cabinets.

3. They Don’t Provide Enough Space

Kitchens without enough space are ineffective. Your kitchen cabinets should have enough space for your appliances, utensils, and food. If you are out of space, it may be time to upgrade.

Kitchen remodeling professionals can help you integrate the following options to suit your needs:

  • Deeper drawers: Replace lower cabinets with deep drawers for more storage.
  • Taller cabinets: Taller upper cabinets can store larger items and free up counter space.
  • Tilted shelves: Tilted inner shelves maximize space and help you see bottles and jars at a glance.

4. They Smell Bad

Antique kitchen cabinets can develop a smell over the years. The old wood absorbs odors from cooking and food particles, and insects also cause cabinets to smell bad. These odors can become worse over time.

Food odors are difficult to remove from old shelves, but installing new cabinets instantly gets rid of odors and renews your kitchen.

5. They Are Moldy

Old cabinets likely have water damage, which causes mold to grow. Mold is dangerous for your health and can contaminate food.

Mold is difficult to remove and spreads quickly. The only solution is to remove the entire cabinet to find the source of the mold.

Untreated mold and water damage can cause cabinets to collapse, so replace your old, moldy cabinets with new, mold-resistant materials to safeguard your kitchen.

6. They Take Up Too Much Space

In a small kitchen, having too many cabinets can make the space seem smaller. Excessive cabinets also cause issues like:

  • Colliding cabinet doors or drawers
  • Lack of food preparation space
  • Congested kitchen

If you feel overwhelmed by your cabinets, consider replacing cabinets and redoing the layout. A professional can help you maximize your space with smarter cabinet choices.

7. They’re Outdated

Outdated cabinets can make your whole kitchen feel stuck in the past. If your cabinets no longer match your home and you want to replace them, you’ll be amazed at your options for new cabinets:

  • Frames: Framed or frameless.
  • Color: Stained wood, traditional wood, or painted.
  • Wood type: Cherry, walnut, pine, etc.
  • Glass: Glass, no glass, frosted glass, etc.
  • Doors: Open or hidden shelving.
  • Style: Flat panel, inset, etc.
  • Features: Built-in spice racks, larger drawers for baking sheets, wine racks, etc.

If your old kitchen cabinets are preventing you from adding an island or creating an open concept, you may need to replace your cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets are essential to home remodeling because they are one of the most visual elements in your kitchen. If you are remodeling, kitchen cabinets are a must.

Unsure about which new cabinets to choose? A professional can help you choose cabinets that match your home’s style.

8. They Don’t Fit New Appliances

New appliances may be too large for your existing cabinets. Old cabinets limit your choices to upgrade appliances like fridges, stoves, or ovens.

Old cabinets could also leave extra room around appliances or not sit correctly. These small spaces can be hard to clean and are unsightly.

Don’t let your old cabinets decide your next appliance — replace them with new cabinets that complement your appliance upgrade.

9. They Don’t Fit Your Lifestyle

Families with kids may need extra cabinet space to store food, utensils, or dishes. Empty nesters or single individuals have different needs. If your kitchen cabinets do not fit your lifestyle, it’s time to replace them.

Over time, your needs for your kitchen change. Cabinets that suited your lifestyle at one point may now be inefficient. A professional can help you identify your needs and choose the best cabinets for you.

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