Episode 1 – Getting Ready for the Holidays

Donna: 00:00 Welcome to another edition of the home maintenance podcast brought to you by Rapid Repair Pro, your O’fallon Handyman. I am your host Donna Green, and with me, I have my husband Phil green. Hello everybody. How are you today? I’m doing fantastic. Awesome. Any better would be you. Well that’s awesome. Glad to hear that. Also joining us in the audience would be Lucy and Bauer our two awesome vallley dogs and so as we go through this program, if you hear any noises, that’s just them cheering us on and giving us their moral support for this show. Today’s topic we want to talk about, you know, the holidays are here, whether we want them to be or not. They came really fast and as as we all know, the holidays add just a tremendous workload to prepare for all the fun and activities associated. Today we want to talk about getting your home ready for the holidays. Rapid Repair Pro is your O’fallon handyman ready to serve your repair needs this fall.

Donna: 01:10 For me, that starts prior to Thanksgiving. I always decorate kind of seasonal, so I kind of start off as soon as Halloween is, well, no really probably right before, well as soon as summer leaves the calendar, it is then officially fall. Then I kind of transitioned to my fall holiday decor. But right now what I’m getting ready to do is tear down on the fall decor and bring on all the Christmas decor. And so there’s a lot of things that I need to do. Oftentimes in the fall, your windows are open a little bit more, um, leaves get drug in. So there’s some additional cleaning that needs done here in the winter time. And so we’re going to talk about all of those things for me before I start bringing out all my Christmas stuff, I want to make sure that I prep my home for the holidays.

Donna: 02:08 And so some of that prep really starts with paying attention to the things that need fixed around the home. So if there’s some things you know that have been annoying you, like that outlet that doesn’t work, (your husband). Yeah, and we all know we can’t fix that, right? So we want to address some of those things. So if you have a toilet that you know has been leaking or an outlet that’s not working, or squirrels in your attic, a bird nest in your fireplace flue, that’s a big one that needs to be addressed so that you don’t catch your house on fire, the house or the, the bird nest? Oh, so it won’t create like a major fire. Maybe a little one. Yeah. So those are some of those things. So Phil, can you address some of the, um, home maintenance things that we should be paying attention to?

Phil: 03:15 Well, you know, given winter’s coming, you know, there are a few things that you need to do regardless of if it’s a holiday season or not. Simple things like disconnecting your hoses from your faucets. Otherwise you’ll get a nice surprise next spring when you go to wash your car, which we have one still connected. No, I took it loose. Okay, good. Uh, the other thing would be, you know, get your gutters cleaned out, get the leaves picked up off your yard, things like that in general. But, you know, get your furnace checked out. Make sure it’s, running optimally and change your filters. That, I mean, a lot of it’s just, you know, everybody wants their home to sparkle when they have guests coming over for the holidays and you know that bathroom door that won’t quite close all the way and stay latched or a light fixture that’s outside the picture that’s not working anymore or whatever it is. It’s a great time to, to just get those things on a list and do lists and give ’em, you know, give us a call, you know, we are you O’fallon handyman service, we serve O’Fallon, Collinsville, Edwardsville, and Glen carbon, that whole Metro East area and we can take care of those things for you and get them off your list and make you happy.

Donna: 04:31 Awesome. So once you’ve taken care of some of that home maintenance, then it’s time to really pay attention to the cleaning and the redecorating. And for me, I keep all of my seasonal stuff in plastic bins. So I bring out my Thanksgiving plastic bins and I pack away all my fall decor in plastic bins. And the reason for that ladies is because you want to keep those items clean throughout. You know, the storage season, you don’t want to store in cardboard or plastic bags because that really provides an environment of dirt and moisture and that can create mold growth. And so that’s a whole nother podcast someday. So I pack everything away and plastic totes that are labeled for fall, put them away and then I clean all my surfaces. So clean that mantle, clean all the the furniture. I happen to use some doilies and different fabrics underneath some things.

Donna: 05:36 It’s time to give those a good cleaning and then just declutter. You know, you’re going to be bringing out the car. You’re going to be putting up either a live tree or an artificial tree that’s going to take up space. What kind of tree do you prefer? Me, I’m totally about a life tree. Totally the smell. They look better. I think. Um, you, you kind of get whatever you get sometimes with a tree. To me it’s also really cool to just go pick out just the right tree. Growing up, we always, you had an artificial tree and it just wasn’t super exciting to pull that tree out of a box. And then we spent a ton of time trying to fix all the smooshed needles and, and branches and it just wasn’t fun. And as you know, when our kids were born, I kind of made that a big deal about getting, uh, a real tree. And I can’t let go of that. I,
Phil: 06:37 well, I think about the, the great memories of dragging the kids through the snow in the fields with a saw in my hand to kneel down in the mud and saw down a tree.

Donna: 06:54 Yes. But we had cookies and cider after that, so, and if you know what you did complain about it, and so did the kids during that time, but you know what? Now they go out and get their live tree and they go chop it down. So I think we might’ve made an impression that’s what it’s about. And I’m sure they grumble a little bit too. I know the boys do. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Great memories of doing that. So declutter just put some of the stuff away that you have out all year. You don’t need to just have that out at Christmas. There’s a lot of other things going on. So then after I declutter, then I just go to decorating and I have my seasonal totes of Christmas stuff now for me because I’m rather busy. I kinda like life that way. I don’t want to decorate right after Thanksgiving and take it down right after Christmas by it being all this Christmas see stuff. So the bulk of my Christmas decorations are snowmen and then I keep them up all year, all winter until right before Easter. So then I go to decorating all of my Christmas wintery stuff. And again, those are all in plastic bins.

Phil: 08:11 I would like to point out too that the importance of having at least, someone who can estimate spatial dimensions, I know where he’s going. You don’t want to go pick out a 12 foot tree for an eight foot ceiling.

Donna: 08:31 Apparently he, you notice he’s still stuck on this whole cutting down a tree thing. There may be some wounds to be healed there.

Phil: 08:39 I just think it looks funny when you have to cut the bottom third of the tree off.

Donna: 08:48 I’ve gotten better about that. Yeah, it’s still hard. It’s really hard to go out into this field even on a lot and see a tree and it looks small until you bring it in your house and then it’s like, Oh my gosh, it won’t stand up. Or there’s no room for us to walk in the room. Now I’ve gotten better. I’ve gotten smarter. Let’s just say we finally painted over the mark on the ceiling that was there a long time. Yeah. Apparently he has more. I just have the good memories of the tree.

Donna: 09:31 All right, so we’re going to get it all decorated and have all those warm Christmas fuzzies all over your house. And another piece for me is the scents of the season. And this one I’ve really gotten particular on over the years, and it could be because of Phil, but we all love our home to smell warm and cozy. Right. And along with that is cinnamon and the different popery [inaudible] and stuff. But over the years, I’ve really learned what it means to have candles burning and the affects of that. So I’m really particular now about only using soy candles or coconut oil candles, a healthy, clean burning oil. And so I want to ask Phil to talk about that a little bit and the effects of some of the chemical based candles that are out there that are really cheap. If so, would you address that?

Phil: 10:28 Sure. Well, the problem happens with cheap candles that are particularly, they’re petroleum based. They give off soot when they burn and you may not really notice it while they’re burning, but over time you’ll start to notice soot on your ceilings. It’ll literally coat your walls. I mean, I’ve seen it coating people’s duct work inside, inside their furnace that really makes a huge mess. It’s really a problem to get rid of because it’s oily and sticky and it’s just gross. Uh, it’s terrible for your indoor air quality it’s terrible long term to be breathing in that soot all the time. So, if you’re going to burn candles, I agree. They are there to make a great atmosphere but spend some money and get a good soy-based candle and, you know, save yourself a lot of hassle down the road, protect your indoor air quality. The other thing you want to look at is when you’re talking about scents, try to keep it as natural as you can. You know, you don’t want to be putting a lot of things that could be particularly difficult for younger children or older people to be exposed to because, they’re more susceptible to issues with that sort of thing. Our O’fallon handyman service can clean your hvac system and have it working great.

Donna: 11:45 A great option to prevent needing to burn candles is just making a homemade popery with cinnamon, cranberries, orange peels, and you just put it in a little crockpot and simmer it really low on the stove, especially before guests come over. And that’s a super inviting smell and people just want to curl up on your couch with you. Well, not with you, but you know, while they’re there at your house and feel right at home, you don’t want to curl up with your father in law. Yeah, yeah. Could be a little weird. I guarantee you in this house though, if you curl up on the couch, you’re going to have a dog or two next to ya. Yeah, a little snoring going on there with one of the valleys. It’d be awesome if we could like have a camera going in here right now because like one of them is like hugging Phil’s leg.

Donna: 12:39 Now, I don’t know what kind of image you all just got when I said hugging, Phil’s like, no, she’s like laying really close to him. Anyway. We’re going to, you know, get your sense and candles. Once you’ve got your home all decorated and the mood set, you know, there’s plenty of other things to fix. Yes, true. There’s plenty of other things to be doing in the holidays with the Christmas shopping and, and all of that, but most importantly, remember the reason for the season, if I will, presents. Yes, let’s put gifts and the greatest gift and there we go. The greatest gift of all for our family as the birth of Jesus Christ. And that gift is one that is ongoing and endless. And there’s nothing that we can purchase or give that is any better than that. So, yeah. Um, so enjoy the family, enjoy your friends, but remember most of all why we celebrate Christmas. So anyway, we thank you all for tuning in today and look forward to our next time to chat with you. And just to give you a little sneak peak because winter is upon us, we’re gonna talk about that static electricity. Why does it happen? And you know, being, I’ve got a few ideas of how to fix that. Ooh, Ooh. So stay tuned. We all like a little good shock and jolt. I don’t know where I’m going with that. Yeah. Anyway, thanks again for tuning in and

Phil: 14:26 I want to remind everyone that if they need any kind of home repairs, that Rapid Repair Pro is here for you, we can take care of pretty much anything you need done. So we are the premier and highest reviewed O’fallon handyman. So we’re here for you. Thank you. And take care.