Episode 10 – Get To KnowYour Handyman

Donna: Hello and welcome to another episode of the rapid repair pro podcast. My name is Donna Green and I am your host. Joining me is the rapid repair a pro resident expert and my personal rapid repair pro Phil green.. handyman Ofallon GENIUS!
Phil: Hello everybody.
Donna: Hey, how are you today?
Phil: I’m doing wonderful. I’m as happy as a tick on a big fat dog.
Donna: Ooh, I got a bad visual there. I’m glad you’re happy, but I don’t like the visual you just gave me. Also joining us in studio is Lucy and Bauer are two very much loved valley bulldogs. So today’s topic is getting to know the man behind rapid repair pro. You know, as we’ve been doing these podcasts, I’ve thought about, you know, we talk about, we give people advice and wisdom and share your expertise and I got to thinking, well how do people know you’re the expert? What gives you the right to speak about some of the topics that we’ve had?
Phil: Yea, what gives me the right?
Donna: You hear that a lot for me, don’t you?
Phil: I’ve heard it not necessarily about the repair category, but other areas.
Donna: Yes. You’ve heard that a time or two for me. So I thought we should get to know you a little bit Phil and let our listeners get to know you. So I’m super excited to discuss this topic and cause you know, I’m your big fan when it comes to you as a repair man and handyman Ofallon expert for buy, you know?
Phil: No doubt.
Donna: I know you can fix anything.
Phil: That’s what keeps me around all this time.
Donna: Absolutely. I’ve said that on a couple of podcasts that the whole reason I believe we’ve stayed married this long is because you can fix anything. It’s pretty valuable for a woman to have that.
Donna: So. So anyway, I just wanted to share. So without further ado, I would love for you to share with our listeners a little bit about the early days and was there anything in your younger years that led you to really where you are today?
Phil: I’ve always been interested in working with my hands for handyman Ofallon jobs and other . I took shop classes all through high school. As a kid I was always building things. I remember I had a friend next door who had, his dad had given him a bunch of lumber and we had some old square cut nails, the old time nails and he let us do what we wanted and we built a little clubhouse out of it and we used to spend a lot of time there and had a lot of fun doing it and I built things, always built things with my dad, my uncle and I just was good at it. I was always good at it and enjoyed doing it and it was always something I just felt naturally that I would do.
Donna: Sure. Okay, great. So before you really went into business, and we’ll get to all of that a little bit later, you spent a little bit of time in the coast guard. Would you share with our listeners more about that military experience and how it brought you to where you are now as a handyman Ofallon provider?
Phil: In 1980 I graduated from high school and I joined the coast guard and got shipped off to Alameda, California on my first experience in the military in boot camp. And I did a six years stint in the coast guard. I was a, what you’d call a Boatswains mate. I specialized in running small boats doing search and rescue, but I actually ended up at a Marine safety office doing tank barge inspections. So from there I went to, I did a, I did a tour on an icebreaker, got to spend some time in Greenland, breaking ice on the great lakes, then I spent time on a cutter out of key West Florida. It was a good experience and I learned a lot about responsibility and leadership, staying focused on, on what I do and I really enjoyed my time there and it was real, definitely a worthwhile thing for me to do.
Donna: Great. So let’s talk about your business journey then. So I know you spent the time in the military and then that led to what for you, what’s your, but your journey been in business?
Phil: Well, I’ve, you know, I’ve started out after the military, I got a job as an inspector for a commercial building inspection company where I would inspect steel as steel buildings were being erected. I’d climb around on the steel, I would hang out with the construction workers and, and inspect their work. And I, that really even helped me get even more interested in, in that field. And after a few years of that, I decided to try my hand at remodeling and building new homes. Did that for several years. I didn’t do too well in that business. As a young man, I was probably a fairly decent tradesman, but not a very good businessman.
Donna: I think you were a great tradesman.
Phil: There’s a big difference between a tradesman and a businessman. It’s two totally different skills sets. You know, I learned a lot from it and I learned a lot about what not to do.
Phil: So from there I got a job as a carpenter in the carpenter’s union and I did that for like 10 or 12 years and I learned a ton in that. I got a lot of good training, gained a lot of really great skills, work along with some really excellent carpenters out there. And not only that, but seeing the other trades on all the jobs that I was on and how they do their jobs and what they do. I learned a lot from a lot of different people. So after that I, you know, I’ve always longed for owning my own business and being a successful business owner. So I went into business again, I think whenever our son Scott graduated high school, I went out on my own again and of course it was 2007 like six months before the great recession started.
Donna: Great time to start a business. Excellent time.
Phil: Yeah, it got slow and we started out doing remodeling and I picked up radon, I got a license for radon mitigation. Things were slow for a few years. We made it through though. Scott had to actually get another job with another contractor, which worked out good for him because it got him into a union apprenticeship and he was able to learn a lot that way. But then when Scott came back and we became a partners in the business, we started working together as a business partners and we learned a lot along the way. We’ve gotten a lot of specialized training and experience in running a business and it’s really helped us out a lot out.
Donna: Any education skills or expertise would you say you have acquired? We refer to you or the name of it? You know our company is rapid repair pro, right? We’re not repair man. We’re record repair pro and you are our resident expert and so this, this podcast is just about that. What makes you an expert? What education skills and expertise have you acquired or what is your practices on that to give you that title of expert?
Phil: In addition to my experience, you know, working as a carpenter in a union and all the different things I learned to do there. I’ve also taken specialized training. You know, I’ve got a degree in heating and cooling and air conditioning. I’ve also had some formal electrical training and not only that, but I, I’ve just, I’m, I’m a lifelong learner. I am always learning something. You can attest to all the boring stuff that I watch on YouTube or I listen to on podcast or the books that I read. I’m kind of a nerd in that way.
Donna: Things you get excited about.
Donna: Yeah. So I’m always learning, always learning new things, developing new skills. That’s, you know, really what, when you add that to my 35 years of experience, right. I think that hopefully that qualifies me as an expert.
Donna: Right. I totally agree. And yes, you are constantly learning and watching really, really boring things on TV with, I’m sure really good content. I think there was a period in our life where I heard the word, is it capacitor every single day on our television for a while, a long, long, long time. Now, not only have you, you know, you did your HVAC, but you have expounded your knowledge and not just the repair of things, but also though broader than that and environmental side of our homes with the energy efficiency. You know, there was a period of time where you spent a lot of time learning about the energy efficiency, the benefits of that, the radon you’ve been licensed in radon since 2007 one of the first 2008. Something right there and one of the first licensed mitigators in the area.
Donna: And so it’s not just about fixing things that we, that we need to work right. Our homes are healthy and efficient for us and our handyman Ofallon expert made sure of that. So it’s a well rounded wealth of knowledge. And I can attest you’re always learning things. So big question for you. Is there anything you cannot repair? I just want to, let me preface this. This does not mean you’re out the door. If you, if I learn after 37 years that there’s something you can’t repair, you’re not out the door.
Phil: If It means keeping you I will learn.
Donna: Okay. So is there anything you cannot repair if it’s in a house, really in a building?
Phil: Probably no. I mean I, as a handyman Ofallon provider have either repaired or installed almost anything that you would have in a house.
Donna: Thankfully. I honestly can attest to that. Can attest to that.
Phil: Now there are some things that I won’t repair.
Donna: So like can I share a story about a quick repair from the handyman Ofallon providers? We had dinner guests, it was for Thanksgiving and I removed a bowl out of the cabinet that I hadn’t removed that stack of bowls for a long time. And little did I know that that stack of bowls was holding the whole upper shelf up. I moved that stack and that shelf above it, which had some really heavy bowls, started to crash in on me and I hollered as I do when I’m excited often, and you ran over and within 30 seconds did a quick repair and saved a whole bunch of stoneware bowls,
Phil: saved Thanksgiving
Donna: stoneware bowls. So anyway, just a fun story that comes to mind when I think about the handiness of my little repairman. Yeah. Okay, so what won’t, is there anything you won’t repair
Phil: We don’t repair appliances and the reason for that is that’s really a specialized field that requires that you carry a lot of parts with you so it’s not very efficient. If I pull up and I’ve got to repair your washing machine and I have to run and leave to go to a parts store to pick up a common part for it. So there’s some things like that that we won’t repair and mainly because we can’t stock everything in our vehicles. I can’t drive a tractor trailer around stocked with everything imaginable to fix everything. So we have to decide what works best for us to fix and appliances are one. Outside of that I think, you know, we don’t do furniture repairs, but outside of that I think we’re, we got you covered pretty good.
Donna: Okay, awesome. So then what would you say sets you apart or rapid repair pro apart from the average handyman Ofallon?
Phil: Well, when I think of the word handyman, I mean I use that term just because that’s what most people think of. But we’re much more than a handyman Ofallon service. I mean we call it rapid repair pro for a reason, myself and my people are pros at various different types of things. So we all have real expertise. And when I think of a handyman Ofallon, the typical handyman, I think of a kind of Chuck in his truck. Chuck is decent at a few things sometimes probably takes on things he shouldn’t take on. He’s not really an expert. He’s more of a generic,
Donna: Maybe, maybe not educated in every field. Right?
Phil: He doesn’t have any specialized skills. He’s just kind of a generic repair guy. He could probably do a few things. Okay. But I think that’s what sets us apart. Also the fact that we’re a real business. We are here, we’re going to be here, you know, down the road when you need something, we’re still going to be here. We stand behind our work, we offer a one year warranty on all our repairs. We’re fully insured with worker’s compensation and general liability. So I mean that’s, you know, we’re a real business
Donna: So there’s so much value in everything that you just said there. The, you know, the Chuck and a truck mentality of, you know, the guy that pulls up and as he, I always picture the door has to be held on by duct tape or whatever. I know, but the, the fact the insurance, the workers’ comp, the liability, I hope people realize the risk they take when they allow someone into their home to work that isn’t insured.
Phil: And it’s more than just asking them if they’re insured. Anybody can say, yes, sure I’m insured, but you really need to get proof of that from, not from them, but from their agent.
Donna: That’s a good point from their agent because anybody can carry around a certificate of insurance and that certificate of insurance could be fully expired. Right. But by the way, they’re printed and the way the insurance company hands them out, it shows a policy period. But if they didn’t make the payment the next month and it’s canceled, it just looks like they have insurance. Right. I know when we are asked for, someone wants a certificate insurance, I contact our insurance company, they send it directly to the homeowner or the business we’re working with and verify that we have insurance
Phil: And not only the insurance thing, but how frustrating is it to not be able to get someone to answer their phone or call you back? Absolutely. I mean, I experienced it just in, in the things that I try to call people to get things done. You can’t get anyone to answer their phone. You leave a message, they don’t call you back. Maybe they call you back in three days, who knows? But it’s so frustrating. I mean, why put up with that? We answer our phones. We have people dedicated to answering phones. We follow up. We do what we say we’ll do.
Donna: Right. I agree with you. Good point. All right, so if listening to our previous broadcast, somebody did not want to give you a call, they do now. I hope this has sold them on rapid repair pro. So Phil, how would they get ahold of you?
Phil: You could call us @ 800-741-6056 or you can find us on line at www.rapidrepairpro.com fill out the contact form online. We’ll get back with you right away. You know, while you’re on the website or you’re on Google, check out our reviews. We have, I think now we’re approaching 60 Reviews, you know, good reviews or highest reviewed handyman Ofallon provider in the Metro East area.
Donna: Awesome.
Phil: You know, it speaks for itself. We do good work, people like what we do and we take good care of our customers.
Donna: Awesome. This was fun sharing a little bit about you. Thanks for the time today and being open with our listeners and we hope you enjoyed it as well. have a great day. You know where to find us for handyman Ofallon services. Thanks. Bye.