Episode 11 – Ventilation is Good for You

Donna: Hello and welcome to another episode of the rapid repair pro podcast. My name is Donna Green and I am your host. Joining me is the rapid repair pro resident expert and my personal handyman Ofallon repair pro Phil green. Hello everybody. And also joining us in the studio is Lucy and Bauer are two valuable dogs.
Phil: You may hear some feedback from Lucy.
Donna: Yeah, she’s a bit of a stinker. So the real problem is, is that I’m sitting down and she, she wants to be on my lap. So Lucy is a 51 52 pound valuable dog, which is a mix of English bulldog and boxer. You should just call them lapdogs. Yes, but she thinks that she’s this little lapdog and so when I’m sitting she wants to get in my lap. So when we’re in here doing our podcasts, she’s looking at me and kind of growling, wanting to get in my lap, and I’m not in a chair that fits her. So if you hear any noise, that’s what that is. So anyway, so how was your day to day?
Phil: My day was good. I went and spent the day with our oldest son helping him wire his basement… regular handyman Ofallon stuff. Yeah. You got to see the grand babies. I did. It was awesome. Yeah. I’m a little jealous about that. Yeah. I came in the the door in Tucker, the two year old came running down the hallway, jumping up and down and screaming Pat Paul, look, it’s me. Tucky cause he’s all that he is all that. Yeah, they do love their pap. That is for sure. Especially the little ones. The little ones have always preferred you over me. I just think it’s cause you’re always busy, busy, busy. And I’m, yeah, I’m always busy. Yeah. Well, in the early stages you have more time to sit and hold them while cooking or whatever with everybody. So that’s all right. But it’s, it’s a, it’s coming around and ones that are getting older.
Phil: Right. They’re, they like there been a time when Nani. Oh yeah. Yeah. We do a lot of fun things together, like learning handyman Ofallon skills. Yeah. Yeah. So good. Well, I I’m sure our son appreciated your help. What did you do for him? We wired his basement. So he’s got his mother-in-law spends a night or two a week there cause she watches the kids and, and we were preparing a room for her. Awesome. I’m sure he does appreciate that. Yeah. It’s good to spend time with them. Never a day off for the repair man. Is there not very many of them, that’s for sure. It’s cause everybody needs you. Yeah. Yeah. Well good.
Donna: Well folks, today’s cam topic is ventilation and handyman Ofallon services to help with that and so we’re going to learn a little bit about what that means and why we need it as and really how it pertains to your home. So Phil, would you, I guess help us understand, so why is ventilation important? What’s the need for it? Why should it matter?
Phil: Well, especially nowadays, newer homes are built a lot tighter than it used to be. Back in the old days, you know, homes didn’t have insulation. You had, you know, a home was built with, you had the outside siding, you had a, you had an open cavity where the framing was then you had the wall finish. So you always had plenty of ventilation that you know, air would move in and out of the house rather easily. So nowadays, since really the 70s with the oil embargo would not happening. Energy prices got high. We started tidying up houses and adding insulation, wrapping them in plastic and things like that. So we don’t have a lot of odd, natural ventilation occurring and that can cause a lot of different kinds of problems. So that’s why it’s important is, is especially nowadays with a tighter houses, we need to be providing a way for that.
Donna: Okay. So I know because we do radon mitigation with our handyman Ofallon services, that the tighter envelope that our houses are and the, the, the installation, the tighter windows has created lots of other lots of problems that people are, that I hear all the time from our customers. Like, well, why does radon exist? I think it’s a government conspiracy. And I’ve never heard of it before. And so there is exactly why, right? So it’s, it’s, it’s a host of problems that are associated with your home not being properly ventilated.
Phil: Right? It causes all kinds of problems. Not only does it increase the likelihood that you’ll have higher concentrations of radon gas in your home, but it can create lots of issues because a poor ventilation means you have X may have excess moisture building up in your home because you know, the average person gives off a lot of moisture every day. We consider the bathing, the cooking, just the evaporation, moisture off the raw up your body. You know, a lot of the different things we do add moisture to the to the air and without proper ventilation that, you know, you can get higher levels of humidity in your home, which can cause problems with pests and mold can be a problem. Not only that, I mean it’s, you know, all the different products you bring into your home, the bill, even your building materials, the products that you use on your, you know, when you’re talking about perfumes and hair products and you know, cleaning products and all these things, what ends up happening is your home is more polluted than the outside.
Phil: That’s hard to imagine. Yeah. So, you know, without good ventilation, you’re really, you know, living in a very unhealthy environment. So, you know, ventilation is key because it brings fresh air in, it gets rid of the, of the polluted indoor air and and it creates a much healthier and more pleasant environment. So the, how do you know if you need ventilation, every home needs ventilation. That’s why you should call handyman Ofallon services. Oh, okay. Unless you’re in a, you know, an 18 hundreds, early 19 hundreds built house with no insulation in it. And many of those had been retrofitted with insulation. You know, the, if you’re not sure, I mean, you know, you can always have your home tested to see, you know, how well it’s be. It’s been ventilated. So what are some other ways that ventilation is added? What do you, what is, well, there’s different ways that we do ventilation.
Phil: There’s you know, if you look up in your new promoter, most of you have a bath fan in your bathroom. That’s a form of ventilation that has taken the, you know, the, the, the air and the moisture and been printing it outside when you’re in the bathroom or the smells, whatever. But you also, most people have some Tobar ventilation over their stove. That’s a form of ventilation. So let’s talk about the one in the bathroom for a second. What’s important about that is that, I mean, I know it’s important to have one. And if you don’t have one in your bathroom, you need to add one to your bathroom. But where does work and problems come in? Where do you see some of the problems with bathroom ventilation? Well, if you don’t have bathroom ventilation, you know, you’re, you probably, if you look up, you’ll probably see you have mold on your ceiling handyman Ofallon services.
Phil: That’s an indication that you need ventilation or that you need more or better ventilation. Because you know, you take a hot shower and it’s steamy and that creates moisture on a ceiling, which can Curry mold. So it, but every bathroom should have ventilation. I mean, technically a windows, a form of ventilation in a bathroom. But who really opens their bathroom window right when it’s 20 degrees. So where does that then, whenever you have a bathroom fan, where’s that vented? Where does it go? Well, it’s supposed to be vented to the outside, so either through the roof or out the side of the of the attic through the wall. A lot of times our vineyard into an attic space which is not ideal. Okay. Because it can cause moisture to condense on your, on your roof deck and create mold. Could Curry mold if you have a large attic. It’s not too big of a deal, but it’s still ideal to venom outside. Okay. Okay. All right, great. So what are some of the benefits then of, you know, of having a ventilation? We talked about that it can create mold,
Donna: Pest you know, an unhealthy indoor air quality in your home if you don’t have good ventilation for handyman Ofallon services. So what are some of the benefits or how does a good indoor air quality affect comfort in your home?
Phil: Well, good into our quality. I mean it makes the indoor environment more pleasant per one. It helps to prevent smells and odors. It keeps the moisture in check because moisture can, you know, excess moisture can create an uncomfortable environment. And when the humidity is above 50%, it’s, we feel it and it’s not a comfortable situation. Picking, pick and prevent mold, which, you know, which is not healthy for you. Pests are a problem also. You know, things that can make you sick. I mean, if you ventilate that helps to keep things like that and check, you know, viruses and things like that. So it’s, it’s just really good for you. It’s not just good for you. It’s good for your building. It’s good for your house.
Donna: Okay. So then talk about that. So how does ventilation and help with handyman Ofallon improve the durability and quality of our home?
Phil: Well, the important that the real key there is to control it in handyman Ofallon. So that you don’t have, you have the right kind of ventilation coming in and the right places. So you could put exhaust fans in. And that’s one way to ventilate a house is just to do exhaust ventilation. And what happens there is you turn on an exhaust fan and it draws air through the building cavities, wherever there’s holes and brings it into the house and ventilates that way. And that works. But the problem is, is you could be bringing in, you know, moisture with that air. And if you’re coming through building cavities that can cause problems, it’s possible to, you know, to cause local you know, moisture issues where that air’s coming through the building cavities and could cause rotting and mold that way. So ideally when we do ventilation, we wanna, we want to control it in a balanced way. So we want to, we want to be exhausting out the bad air and bringing in good air and in a way that like, it’s not coming through our garage or through spaces. It might have where might be storing chemicals or paints or things. But so, you know, we, we do it in a controlled way so we know where the air is coming from, where it’s coming, where it’s going. And and that’s the best way to do it.
Donna: We certainly have my interest peaked because now I’m in my mind I’m like, Oh, how do we do that? I don’t know if that’s a teaser for another episode cause you’ve got my interest peaked on that. So are there health benefits then? You’ve talked about the, the durability of the home. What are some of the health benefits?
Phil: Well, obviously, I mean, if you can keep indoor air quality good. I mean it helps with a lot of different things. So you know, if you don’t have you don’t have to worry about mold. So that’s, you know, that can be a problem if you have mold in your house. Plus the, for people who are, who have you know, respiratory issues, older people, younger, younger children, things like that. It helps with tests. It helps keep, you know, a healthy indoor environment keeps pest down, which are huge problem for health wise. And just, you know, I think generally when you run in a well ventilated space, you just feel better. And that’s, you know, that’s a healthy thing to be living in.
Donna: Well this is certainly an interesting topic. How I guess if people are wanting to learn more, what would you what, what’s their next step when it comes to wondering if their home has proper ventilation?
Phil: Well, if you think you might need some help in that area, you know, definitely give us a call. I’d be happy to come by and see what you got going on and you know, make some recommendations for you. I mean, if you’re, you know, if you’re taking it, if you know your bathroom fans are, are bad and they’re not working well that’s a pretty easy thing to fix. But if you want to look at more, a more strategic way to take care of ventilation, I talk, cause I’d talked about, you know, balanced ventilation, how to do that. There are specific things we can do for that and we can really just come over and take a look and we can have a discussion about it and see what your needs are. And and you know, we can, we can get something going for you. So how do they get ahold of you? Well, you can always reach us. Our phone line@eighthundredsevenfouronesixzerofivesixoryoucanreachusonlineatrapidrepairpro.com. Just enter your information in the contact form. And unlike most people that put a contact form online, when you fill it out, we will get back to you.
Donna: That’s novel. Not interesting. Yeah. Good. All right. So they can either call you or reach you on your website. Okay.
Phil: And you know, while you’re, while you’re doing it, you know, check us out online, check out our reviews. We have a lot of excellent reviews. We’re the highest rated handyman Ofallon service in our Metro East. Okay. And a, we take good care of our customers. We do good work and you know, we have a lot of happy customers out there that we’ve done work for.
Donna: That’s awesome. Phil, this is great information. Thanks for bringing this to us today, and I think Lucy has done her best performance today that she’s left me alone. She hasn’t. She didn’t sign. I believe they deserve a bone. Yeah. Peanut butter. And I have a little bone with peanut butter waiting for them upstairs. They’re to love it. Yup. All right, folks, thank you so much for joining us today, Phil. Thank you for your expertise on ventilation and all things you bring to us and I hope you all have a great week. You’re welcome, y’all. Take care. Thank you for tunining in and listening about handyman Ofallon. Bye. Bye.