Episode 12 – Kitchen Update On A Budget

Donna: Hello and welcome to another episode of the rapid repair pro podcast on handyman Ofallon expert services. My name is Donna Green and I am your host. Joining me is the rapid repair pro resident handyman Ofallon expert and my personal rapid repair pro. Phil green or buddy, how are you today? I’ll do a good. Okay. Head cold. Okay, well we’re thankful. Our last episode it was questionable, so I’m glad to know that you’re still here with us today. I’m also joining us in studio is Lucy and Bauer are two valuable dogs and hopefully they won’t disrupt us too much. So anyway. Well here where we are today was an absolutely beautiful day for this time of year. It’s, yeah, well it’s actually February now. It’s going to be Christmas before we know it. But yeah, it was 60 degrees, 60 some odd degrees and 67 it says right now and we’ll take it. Oh, me too. I could take this nine months out of the year and the other three months, it could be 85, so, so anyway so good for everybody’s moods and attitudes. Whenever I took the dogs for a walk and people were just out in their yard and kids were playing and it’s, yeah. Good weather this. Yeah. Yeah. Great. that is why, I mean we don’t have great weather all the time here in the Midwest, but we do get these little breaks though. Yeah. You know, so it’s, it’s nice.
Phil: I don’t think people in Minnesota get a 67 degree day. [inaudible]
Donna: No, they probably don’t. They probably don’t. And they have really long winters. Something I couldn’t deal with. Anyway. so today we are going to talk about kitchen counters and back splashes and how handyman Ofallon can help. Yes. It is fun. I love ’em do it. Updating jobs in your home. It adds so much. And so I’m excited about this topic. So first we’re going to talk about the needs and why. Someone would maybe be considering a kitchen that is new kitchen backsplashes or countertops and you know, what are the benefits of, of that? So I guess number one question is if somebody is looking to update, maybe they’re looking to remodel their whole kitchen, but they don’t have the funds to do the whole kitchen. Maybe they should just consider a black splash. So how, how would they know on what to decide to do to fit their budget?
Phil: Well, you know, that’s a simple thing, you know, to, to really pick is it something that you can do that would make an impact in your kitchen for handyman Ofallon work that would not be crazy expensive, would be a backsplash. I mean, if your kitchen’s functional and you know, you’re okay with your cabinets even if you’re okay with your countertop, you know, adding a batting, a new backsplash can really make a big difference.
Donna: Absolutely. I know when we remodeled our kitchen as a handyman Ofallon project [inaudible] 12, 13 years ago, yeah, back then it pap paper wallpaper was big. And so for that area I had wallpapered but today that’s not in right. And so year or two ago we decided to do the, the backsplash and it wasn’t an expensive project. Oh boy. Tyler was. Yeah. Yeah. But man, what a difference it makes in the kitchen. And we didn’t have to replace our countertops and it just gave the kitchen a whole new look. And when we switched from paper, from wallpaper to the subway tile, it actually made the kitchen shine a little bit more because of the shininess of the tile. So is replacing a backsplash, kind of a big job, should they call for help on that? How does that fall on a scale of one to 10 on big?
Phil: It’s not a big handyman Ofallon project at all. And really it can be pretty, pretty good, pretty easy project for a do it yourself or to do, the only thing you gotta will look out for is, is if you have the, the type of countertops that you have, if you have like what’s called a postform countertop, where the backsplash backsplash, you know, the forge back splash on a counter top is integral to the, to the top, then you’re going to have to do something where you set the, you know, whatever you’re doing on top of that. And depending on what you do that can, that can look a little funky. I think it looks better if your backsplash goes all the way down to the counter. So you know, in that case you may want to consider having new countertops, which is still a, you know, not a really expensive thing to do. So, but it is not, it’s not a major project. It can easily be done in a day or two and I’m not a problem.
Donna: Okay. And so if somebody is looking then to replace their backsplash as a handyman Ofallon service and like, Oh heck, let’s go ahead and do the countertop. What kind of countertops are available and what would you, what are your thoughts on, you know, the different types and the value you get with the different types?
Phil: Sure. Well, obviously, you know, laminate tops are going to be your more budget friendly item. I know granite tops are very popular nowadays. They are expensive and but they, they’re nice. But you can get, actually you can get laminate countertops that you almost can’t tell the difference between them and granted unless you’re really looking right.
Donna: I think if somebody is looking to update their kitchen one of the things that they would need to evaluate in that right there for the countertops is are they going to stay in the house or are they updating it to sell? Because it could very well be that doing, maybe doing a really nice for Mica countertop. We’ll get them just as much, I guess, attention out there in the market without spending as much. So you would want to evaluate that maybe,
Phil: I mean, it’s possible that if you’re gonna, if you’re thinking of selling, I would talk about that with your realtor because they’d been, may be the case that they may tell you if you’re not going to put granted and don’t do anything because you might be wasting your money. Because everybody today, especially the younger couples that are buying houses, they’re, you know, they almost won’t buy a house if it doesn’t have granite counter tops. That’s true. But there are other options too. I mean there’s, there’s other types of counters besides laminate and granted, I mean there’s quartz counters, which are pricey too. I don’t know if Koreans really a thing anymore. I know it used to be, but there are other options. I mean, some people like tile under counters, they’re not nowadays would put your block wood is popular. I love wood countertops. Concrete countertops are popular. Yup. Yup. So there’s lots of options
Donna: To, to think about that would maybe bring them into this generate this decade in their kitchens and update them and, and not break the bank or you don’t need to take out a home equity loan. You just need a handyman Ofallon provider. Right. Awesome. okay. So can we talk about some of the benefits then of putting in a new, new backsplash or a countertop? So, you know what would you say is the number one benefit of adding, of making that change?
Phil: Well, I mean definitely anything you can do to update the look of your kitchen and make it you know, look nice, makes it you know, it just gives you a whole new look and you, you feel better about, you know, your house. For sure. You know, the value it adds to your house. I mean if you’re S if you could plan on stand, I’ve, I may not be a factor, but you know, it does add value to your house when you, when you update it and make it look nicer. The other big thing, you know, if you just look into do my new backsplash, new counter tops, maybe a new sink and faucet, it’s going to save a ton of money over a full kitchen remodel. I mean nowadays a full kitchen remodel easily will cost you $30,000 or more. Right. So, you know, it’s a lot of money and you know, if you got, if your kitchen’s cabinets are in good shape and you know, they’re not hideous you know, just in the countertops
Donna: And backsplash would have a major impact. I will warn them when we did ours that then made me want new light fixtures. Well that’s a big problem, but I’ve stopped at that. I’ve stopped at that.
Phil: The new light fixtures aren’t a big deal. Yeah, that was fun shopping. Yeah. So you know, you have options. You don’t have to get your kitchen and totally redo it. I mean, even if you’ve got, you know, stained and finished Oak cabinets, you don’t like the look of that anymore. I mean a good paint job. And even, you know, if you don’t like your doors, you could, it’s not a big job to put new doors on cabinets so you can get a whole new look for a,
Donna: A lot less money, then I’ll, that’ll hold kitchen remodel and good, good information as always, Phil. So if somebody is considering updating their kitchen and they’re wanting more information or to learn more about your services and updating kitchens with backsplashes and countertops, light fixtures, faucets, you name it how can they learn more?
Phil: Well, they can, you know, give us a call that are@oneeighthundredsevenfouronesixzerofivesixorhecanfindusonlineatrapidrepairpro.com. Fill out the contact form and we will get right back with you. But I will say, you know, we’re not we’re not the one that you’re going to get to do a major kitchen guide and reminder. We’d love to come in and do new countertops and backsplash to sink and faucets and light fixtures. We love that stuff. But we will refer you to, to another quality professional if you’re, you know, you want a whole new
Donna: Kitchen. Sure. So, yeah, that’s what separates us as rapid repair pro, right. To the rapid remodeler. Not that we couldn’t do it, we just, it’s not, it’s not our niche. Absolutely. Good reminder.
Phil: But while you’re w, but while you’re out there online, you know, check us out and check out our reviews. We have a lot of great reviews. We’re the highest reviewedhandyman Ofallon provider in the area and that’s because we take good care of our customers and we treat them right and we do good work.
Donna: Awesome. Great. Well, thanks again for another awesome topic. I’m sorry folks for the whining that went on in the background with Lucy today. She’s yup, that’s, that’s our Lucy. Anyway, so I hope you all have a great day and thanks for tuning in. Tiger body. Have a great day.