Episode 2 – Choosing a Toilet

Donna: 00:00 Hello and welcome to another edition of at home with rapid repair pro. I am your host Donna Green. And joining me today in studio is Phil Green our handyman at well, he’s just our handyman. And we are the premier O’Fallon handyman service. Very true, very true. And also in the studio audience joining us today is Lucy and Bauer. They are our two valley bulldogs and they are always under feet or at our sides. So, we thought it would be appropriate to have them in the room. So any noise in the background we apologize, but it’s them. But right now, they’re just laying peacefully sleeping on the floor.

Phil: So today I wanted to just caution everyone that we’ve really got a really crappy show topic. Just be, just be ready for that. Just hang in there and bear with us and you know, hopefully it won’t be too messy.

Donna: 00:59 Oh my goodness. Okay. Okay. So a little background about us here at rapid repair pro. Phil and I have been married 37 years and it is often a joke in our marriage that the whole reason that I’ve kept him around so long is because he can fix anything that’s wrong. And that’s partly true. You all understand, right? And partly true sometimes no. Oh, wait a minute. Hang on, let me say that better. Sometimes that has been true. There are days, you know, you get it right. So anyway, so today’s topic is how to choose a good toilet.

Phil: This is extremely important. Okay. For a guy.

Donna: 01:44 Okay. So help me with that here. How do you choose a good toilet?
Phil: Well, you know how it is, especially if you go to someone else’s house and although if you’re like most people, the thought of having to use someone else’s toilet for a good number two is the last thing on earth you want to do, right? But maybe it’s an emergency.

Donna: And let’s just say that if you’re picturing a dumb and dumber episode here right now

Phil: You know what I’m getting ready to talk about?

Donna: And what’s really funny about that is I don’t like the movie dumb and dumber, but I remember that one.

Phil: Yeah. So you know, you do your business and you hit the handle and guess what? It won’t flush or all the way,

Donna: or get stopped up or whatever.

Phil: 02:35 And that’s very awkward. Like you start looking around the bathroom, okay, where’s the plunger? You check around the toilet, It’s not there. You look in the closet. If there’s a closet, it’s not there. You look in the bath cabinet, it’s not there. Now what do you do? Right, right. You know, so it’s extremely awkward.

Donna: That would be crappy.

Phil: So, it’s extremely awkward. So, a good toilet is really important, one that flushes well, that’s really the main criteria when you’re looking for a toilet. I mean a toilet, it’s a toilet. Right, they look the same, they function the same, basically.

Donna: Yeah. Well, I don’t like a short toilet though. I like a taller one,

Phil: That depends on who you are and what stage you’re in a life. Right.

Phil: 03:21 But now they have toilets with even wifi, believe it or not. And they have stereos on them and all kinds of crazy stuff out there.

Donna: Totally over top, overkill.

Phil: Yeah. To me the most important thing is a good flush, you know, that’s what you want to look for is a toilet with a really good flushing ability. I know back in the day, back in the eighties and nineties whenever our good old nanny government decided we were flushing too much water and they mandated the toilets have a low flush capability, the toilets were really bad, and could barely flush a piece of toilet paper and have it go down in one flush. So, like anything else that the government does, they think they’re solving a problem. But instead of flushing once, you’re flushing three and four times and you’re not saving anything.

Donna: 04:11 Sure.

Phil: But now the technology has improved and they can actually get a good flushing toilet now that uses a low amount of water. So they’ve improved how the toilets are made so that the government, they haven’t lifted their standard, low water usage. It’s just how they’re made is better. Yeah. The technology in how they use the water to move through the toilet to create a vacuum which pulls the waste down. Okay. so they, they can flush. Some of them are actually very good flushers now and work very well. Okay. You could spend some pretty good money on a toilet, but it’s not necessary to spend a ton of money and get a good toilet.

Donna: Okay. So any recommendations then for someone who is going to go toilet shopping?

Donna: 05:06 Yeah. On what they should look for. And how do you know a good toilet from a bad toilet?

Phil: Well, you can’t really know by looking at them, so you’re just going to have to do a little research. And fortunately, today we have this crazy thing called Google, which makes it very easy to research absolutely anything. So, you know, if you do a little research on toilets, it depends on your budget. If you’re looking for a great toilet and you don’t mind, you know, popping down a few Benjamins, you can get some really good toilets. I think one of the top-rated ones is American standard champion 4, it’s a one piece so you don’t have a separate tank and a separate bowl. It’s all built as one unit so it’s much easier to keep clean.

Donna: 05:56 Oh yeah. That’s a really nice, nice to have. But that runs about $440. Okay. I can see the benefit in that.

Phil: You know, $440 is still not too bad. The number two rated toilet is the Toto max 2. It’s another one-piece toilet and there you’re going to pop down $500. Okay. On average to get one of those. The third highest rated toilet would be the Kohler Highline classic. And that is a two piece model and that’s about $360.

Donna: Okay. I guess I, I didn’t realize that replacing a toilet could be like $500 just to buy the toilet. I’m a little shocked by that. And you all know that women will justify spending $500 on a purse. Yes.

Phil: That’s all $500.

Donna: Yeah. Right ladies. But man, the thought of spending $500 on a toilet, it seems like a lot, It seems extravagant.

Donna: 06:53 Yeah, I do like the one piece idea. I love that cause I don’t like cleaning a toilet, especially with a little nooks and crannies, it’s gross. So for those that really just can’t spend a lot, but they need a new toilet and they really can’t spend around $500 or $400, but yet they need to replace their toilet and we want them to make smart purchases. Is there other options?

Phil: There is. And you know, if you go to your local home improvement store, a big box store. It could be at home Depot or Lowe’s you can find some good choices there that are budget friendly. And really they have one there that’s particularly good. And that’s the American standard cadet model. It’s a really great toilet and you’re looking at about 160 bucks there.

Donna: Oh, that’s a little more reasonable.

Phil: A little more family friendly

Donna That leaves room to buy a nice purse or wallet.

Phil: 07:42 Yeah, but you’ll still get a toilet that works good. Sure. You know, it’s not going to be a one-piece unit, but it’ll be a very good toilet that will flush well. You know, for most cases you probably will never need to use that plunger again.

Donna: Okay, that’s very, very good because it’s not a piece that I really like to have sitting in my bathroom for people to see. So that’s good peace of mind to have a toilet that flushes well and that your guests have peace of mind of using a toilet and not having that awkward moment. I know there’s a lot of us out there that have, you know, we’ve had the same toilet in our house for ever.

Phil: Right. You know, you spend 160 bucks, and your Ofallon handyman can install a nice new toilet that functions well and doesn’t waste water.

Phil: 08:32 Especially if you have a home that was built in the eighties and nineties

Donna: and you’re sick and tired of dealing with that toilet that doesn’t flush well. Gosh, what an easy fix that is. Sure, sure. You know, here at rapid repair pro we can definitely take care of that for you. And while you’re at it, you can replace your faucets and update those.

Phil: Wow. Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of those gold faucets?

Donna: Oh gosh. Yeah. Those are the same thing. We’re thinking that’s the same a years. Right, Yeah. I mean, when you think back at that time period, why did we do it? Yeah. What are they thinking with some of those color combinations,

Phil: but the hair,

Donna: the hair, you didn’t like the hair? Maul bangs and the like. I never had good mall bangs and a, what was it?

Donna: 09:21 What, what were the guys wearing?

Phil: The mullet, business in the front party in the back. Yeah. So get rid of your mullet and get a new toilet from rapid repair pro the Ofallon handyman. Let’s do a complete make-over, bathrooms and people. I can take care of the bathrooms and you could take care of the people.

Donna: I would love to do that. So let’s make that our, and January of 2020, let’s say goodbye to mullets.

Phil: So I will redo your bathroom and Donna will redo your husband.

Donna: There you go. There you go. We’ll get rid of that typical old man, dad look. Yeah. I don’t know. You can always tell the age of someone by their tennis shoes.

Donna: 10:11 And the jeans they wear. Yes. I finally convinced him he can’t wear the regular dad tennis shoes anymore.

Phil: And once I found out about it and realized that, and I noticed that every guy my age was wearing them. Yup. You know, they all have the same goatees and the same white tennis shoes. And the same pants. And again, she was right.

Donna: And if you don’t know what he’s talking about listen to the episode where he announces that I was right. So that will be brought up I’m sure, numerous times on numerous episodes. If you need a new toilet, new faucets, new lighting call us. Is there anything that rapid repair pro the premier O’Fallon handyman service does not do?

Phil: We don’t fix airplanes.

Donna: Oh, okay. That’s good to know.

Phil: Yeah. Or your car. We generally don’t do appliance repair.

Donna: 11:09 Anything else really?

Phil: I mean we, we try to shy away from huge remodeling jobs mainly because we’d like to be able to do smaller jobs. That’s more of our niche. But really if it’s in or on your house, I’ve either built it, installed it or fixed it.

Donna: Absolutely. I can attest to that. Yeah. So ladies, you’ve got those lists that you just wish you had someone to fix them. If your husband or boyfriend is not handy give us a call let him come out and see what he can do to take care of whatever those repairs are that you need.

Donna: 11:59 Cause literally there’s nothing he can’t repair.

Phil: And I want to remind everyone too that we are the home of the $1 first service call. You know your first time you call us out to do some work our service call, which is normally $85 only costs you $1. So I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you had a toilet flapper that needed to be replaced. Normally that would include an $85 service charge plus the charge for the toilet flapper repair, which a small little thing like that could be $45 to fix. So in this case, you know, you would only pay $46.

Donna: Oh that’s a deal for your first service.

Phil: So, it is a big deal and we do this so that you can experience what it’s like to work with us and the service that we offer. And we really do want to build long term relationships with our customers. I mean, we have lots of customers that we’ve been working in their homes for over 20 years.

Donna: We have one that refers to you as her Superman. I tried talking into making the logo being him as Superman because he’s her little Superman.

Phil: Yeah, she’s nice. Just keep in mind, we are the premier O’Fallon handyman service. Anything you need, we can help you out. And, and with that, I’d like to do thank you for listening and stay tuned for the next show. Have a good day. Thanks. Bye.