Episode 3 – You Can Be a Handyman

Donna: 00:00 Hello and welcome to yet another edition of at home with rapid repair pro. I am your host Donna Green. And joining me in studio today again is Phil green, our handyman at large. Hello everyone. Welcome. How are you today? I’m doing great. How about you? Great, great. Also joining us in studio in case you hear the noise, always feel like we need to let you know as we have our two valley dogs, Bauer and Lucy, they are always at our side or under our feet. So we thought it was just appropriate that they be in the studio with us and we’re getting stared at. You know why? Yep, I do know why it hungry. It is 3:13 and they are fed at 4:30 and so this starts every day about 2:30 in the afternoon they start getting a little bit antsy and you know, time changes are hard on all of us.
Donna: 00:52 But these guys really do think it’s already 4:30 because they have not adjusted to daylight savings. No. So do you know what that they eat at 6:00 AM and 4:30 PM so do you know what that means at 6:00 AM every morning for us? Yeah. They started 5:00 AM wanting their breakfast. They give us the stare down. So anyway, they’re joining us. So if you hear any noise in the background, that’s who it is. We are rapid repair pro your premier O’Fallon handyman service. And really there isn’t anything that we cannot do at rapid repair pro. Phil and I have been married for 37 years and we have often joked that the whole reason I’ve kept him around 37 years is because he literally can fix anything. And there are days when I have truly meant that it is the only reason I’ve kept him around. So anyway, but I’m happy to share him with all of you that need some repairs in your home, especially share his knowledge and his expertise. And so today we have a topic really about whether or not you could be a handyman or a handy woman or a technician as a handyman or a handy woman. So Phil, can you talk to us a little bit about what a handy tech does?
Phil: 02:09 Sure. So the purpose of this show is just a, maybe you know, someone who would be interested in a career as a handy person. Maybe you yourself would be. It’s really a male dominated industry and I personally think that women could be fantastic at this line of work. Most handyman work is not work that is extremely physical. It’s requires a lot of finesse, you have to be able to do a lot of different things. Well it’s certainly something I think a lot of women would enjoy doing and could do very well. So I just wanted to get out there and talk about it and maybe there’s someone out there who this strikes a cord with that you know, realizes it’s something that they might be interested in. And of course we’re always looking for great people in this business to us out.
Phil: 02:59 So would a handy tech need to already have a base knowledge? Well, it would be helpful to be able to work with tools and know what tools are. To have some skills would be great, but it’s not absolutely essential that you have a lot of experience, obviously, the more experience you have, the better. Really, the most important thing is to be able to work by yourself, to be given a, you know, a job, a task to do and, and to do it well and be organized. To have those kinds of skills, to be good with people, understand how to work in someone’s house, do it respectfully and do it well, those are really important traits to have. So you could have the most experienced and skillful tech in the world and it does no good if they make the customer’s mad or uncomfortable.
Donna: 03:47 That’s a big one. Sure. Yeah. I know here at rapid repair pro, the premier O’Fallon handyman. It’s real important to us that our customers feel safe with us in their homes. Yes. It’s not a great experience when you have someone knock on your door to come to a service and you have an uncomfortable feeling. And that’s just real important to us that we never, never make someone feel that way.
Phil: Right. We train for that specifically how to approach a house, and how to make a good impression from the time you pull up, not only from the time you pull up, it all starts really with the first phone call to us and the whole system that we use. And it’s all geared towards making the customer feel comfortable and it’s geared towards their convenience. And you know, we want people to call us back.
Donna: 04:36 Absolutely. Absolutely.
Phil: So, you know 98% of service providers out there struggle to perform what would be considered a baseline service. And that basically means you show up, you do the job and you don’t steal or damage anything. And only 2% of service providers provide service above that level.
Donna: That’s shocking.
Phil: It really is true. And it’s all goes all across, not just the handyman business but all service companies in general. So there’s very few out there who really have systems in place that are designed to do it right from start to finish. You know, we are one of those services rapid repair pro the Ofallon handyman that do use a system like that. Just like you go to McDonald’s and you, whether you go to McDonald’s in your town or another town a thousand miles away, you go to McDonald’s because you expect consistency and you know that if you order a big Mac here, it’s going to be the same as the big Mac there. And it’s the same thing with the service we provide. We want our service to be consistent so that customers know what to expect. You know what the results will be when they call us.
Donna: It’s also I think good to point out that we might be digressing just a tiny bit away from can you be a handyman or handy woman tech. But when it comes to that, that integrity and that comfort level that we want our
Donna: 05:58 customers to have. You hear all the time on the news about the person who did work on someone’s home and they skipped town, they took this large deposit and then they skipped town or they just didn’t do the work they were going to do and left. Really the customer is a victim. And that is something that’s super important to rapid repair pro two is you’re not going to pay for the service until we do it. But we do expect payment then when it’s done and that’s only fair right, But we never want our customers to feel that we’re going to take advantage of them in any way. So, then what are some opportunities in the future?
Phil: 06:36 Well, the handyman business is in a position to really grow a lot. The baby boom generation is retiring now. They don’t work on their homes. Right? The millennial generation, they, many of them do not have the skills or the desire to do work on their home’s. So there’s a huge opportunity in the future for Ofallon handyman services. And honestly the industry has a long way to go and it’s going to struggle to meet the needs out there. There are really only a few, what I would consider real viable handyman business models out there that do it right. Most handyman services are really, you’re familiar with the term Chuck in a truck. You know, old Chuck has a dirty old pickup truck and not insured. And he might have some skill and he works by the hour, but he’s not dependable.
Phil: 07:26 He may not show up.
Donna: Falls off your roof. You might get sued, right?
Phil: Yeah, he might sue you. So you know, that’s the majority of what you’re dealing with when you call a handyman service. And honestly not just a handyman company, but a remodeler. Most of them are that way. They’re not real businesses. They’re, guys who are self-employed, they have a job, they just work for themselves. They work for you. You’re bear all the risks. So in my Ofallon handyman business, I bear the risk, I have the insurance, I take the risk. You don’t have the risk. When you deal with Chuck in a truck, you’re taking his risk. I would caution people against that. There are a lot of opportunities in the future. I think as customers get more educated about all these things, I think Chuck in a truck is going to have a hard time competing in the future.
Phil: 08:11 So there’s going to be a lot of opportunities for technicians in the handyman field and it’s going to be a great career choice. You can make a good living; you can do good work and enjoy working for people who are happy to have you work for them and you know you’re doing good. There’s really a lot of opportunities in the future. I’ll give you an example of the typical day of a Ofallon handyman. You will get an assignment for a job. You might have one, you might have five or six items to fix. It could be as simple as fixing a door that’s not swinging right or just installing a door or changing out a light fixture or a ceiling fan or fixing a ceiling fan or putting in a microwave oven or patching a hole in drywall, replacing a toilet or repairing a toilet, maybe putting in a ground fault outlet, maybe some minor electrical work, putting in a kitchen faucet so every day you’re going to have different things to do. You’re going to be working at a different place every day doing different things. You get a nice vehicle to drive around in, you’ve got your tools, you got some autonomy, you’re just expected to get your work done and do it well and wow the customer and get good positive reviews from them.
Donna: 09:22 And typically Monday through Friday,
Phil: 09:24 Yeah. It’s always Monday through Friday. It’s really great work. That’s why I think as more and more, I think a women find out the opportunities that are out there for this and what a great choice it is for a woman who would enjoy, because not all women enjoy doing the same types of jobs that women typically do. Right. So if you enjoy getting out being around people and you enjoy working with your hands and fixing things, so this would be a great opportunity for you. I encourage you to check into it.
Donna: 09:54 Sure. So what is your vision for the company?
Phil: 09:57 Well, rapid repair pro we say we’re the premier O’Fallon handyman and we say that we’re, you know, we, we also work in the whole Metro East area, but we’re really, looking to expand. Next year we’re going to expand into the st Louis market. And from there we’re going to start offering franchises and we’re going to take this company all across the country.
Donna: 10:20 Oh, that’s exciting.
Phil: 10:22 Rapid repair pro is going to become a household name.
Donna: 10:24 That’s very exciting. Very exciting. Okay. So, what would a listener do if they’re interested or if they know someone that would be interested, what do they do?
Phil: 10:35 Well, if you’re interested, you can email us at info@rapidrepairpro.com and we will followup with you and you can find our info at rapidrepairpro.com and click on our contact info tab and you’ll see how to get ahold of us there. Let us know, we’d love to talk to you and see what we can do.
Donna: 10:53 Certainly, awesome, great information. I know, I look forward to seeing where this company goes and the lives that we can change through providing a means to a career for people. So that’s really exciting for me to know that we can change people’s lives in that way. Absolutely. So great.
Phil: 11:12 Well thank you everyone for joining us today and remember that we are your O’Fallon handyman service and we can take care of just about anything you need done and we’d love to get to know you and start a long term relationship. That’s right. Yeah. So give us a call. Thanks. Have a good day.