Episode 6 – Saving Money On Projects

Donna: 00:01 Good afternoon everybody and welcome to another podcast of Rapid Repair Pro. I’m O’Fallon L knowing
Phil: yeah, thereabouts. Then everywhere all around. Yup.
Donna: I am your host Donna Green. And joining me in the studio is Phil green, our resident expert and rapid repair pro Handyman Ofallon. Also joining us, It’s a shame y’all can’t see us and we don’t do this live because joining us is Lucy and Bauer our two Valley bull dogs and they are always by our sides. So we figured if we didn’t include them in the studio they’d be standing outside the door barking. So if you hear any noises that would be them and they’re happy to be in the studio audience as well. So today’s topic is how to save money on a project. Now you have this project in mind and obviously most likely you have a fixed budget and you are wondering how you can make a project affordable. So I’m going to turn to Phil on this and ask him, you know, Phil, what are some ways in which folks can save money on a project? They don’t have all the expertise they need. Some help, how can they make this affordable to fit their budget?
Phil: 01:22 Well, first of all, depending upon what you’re trying to do, with a larger project you might have more opportunities to try to find some things that you can do yourself or with the help of a Handyman Ofallon expert. With smaller projects, you may not have a lot of opportunities to save money if you don’t have the skills or a family member who can, who can help you with it, who has those skills. So let’s just say if you have a larger project, say you’re doing a kitchen or bath remodel or things like that, depending upon your skill level, I mean you may be able to do things like offering to do the daily cleanup or maybe painting some of the things that maybe you can do yourself like that, that can allow you to save some money on an, on a lot of smaller projects that are really going to last a day or two, you’re probably not going to be able to do much that could really allow the contractor to give you an opportunity to do some work yourself. You’re going to be, you will likely be more in his way then.
Donna: 02:21 Right? But cleanup is always an option.
Phil: 02:23 Cleanup as an option, especially on a longer term project. That could be significant savings for you. Just understand that if you take on the responsibility, you need to make sure you do it. Don’t say you’ll do it. I’m going to ask to get money reduced on your project and then don’t do it. And the contractor ends up feeling like he has to do it because it’s not being done. So that’s not fair to him or the Handyman Ofallon provider. Right?
Donna: 02:45 Get in the way of them thin finishing the project. So what are some of the limitations that could prevent someone from participating?
Phil: 02:54 Well, you definitely need to understand what your limitations are and be realistic. The same exists with Handyman Ofallon providers. You know, the final finish of the project is going to be really important because you’re going to be having to live with this for a long time. If you say you want to save money by doing the painting, if you really don’t know what you’re doing, you probably shouldn’t try to save money that way because you’re going to be staring at the job for a long time. And I know as a contractor and a Handyman Ofallon, It would bother me if my work was covered by someone else’s sloppy work.
Donna: 03:26 Ah, I was thinking that as, as you were talking through that. Yeah,
Phil: 03:30 You definitely want to be realistic. You know, some people think they can do the flooring, let’s say like ceramic tile or laminate or whatever, and that’s fine, but be realistic in what your skills and abilities are. If you don’t feel like you can do it very well, its best to just spend the money.
Donna: 03:49 Just to have it done. So I can also see where time, the limitation of time would be a huge factor in whether or not this would work for a contractor because it would be real important if you say the homeowner’s going to agree to do the painting or lay the floor. They have to be on your timeframe, not their timeframe.
Phil: 04:11 Totally. That’s really important. Contractors, you know, their time is money and they want to schedule a project to get in, get it done and get out and move onto the next project. That’s how we see it as Handyman Ofallon pros. So if you take on some of the work yourself, and if you don’t do it in a timely fashion, you mess up their schedule you delay them and no one likes that. So definitely want to be realistic in your time and your abilities and your finances.
Donna: 04:43 So what, whenever it comes to the finances, can you speak about the budget that someone should have or how to, how do they know to plan, you know, talk on that budget needs
Phil: 04:59 You need to know if you’re going to do a project. How much money can you afford to spend. Once you have a budget in mind of what you’re wanting to spend on a project, you need to understand that whatever you think you’re going to do, you’re going to end up spending at least 15 to 20% more than you thought during the project. The larger the project, the more true that is. It’s important to know a general idea of what a project’s going to cost before you get too involved in it. The last thing you want to do is get a bunch of contractors spending a lot of time and effort to put together a proposal for you to find out that you cannot do a project cause you weren’t realistic on what it could cost. So there are a lot of online guides that can give you a ballpark on what a project costs. You can do a little research there, you can ask around to friends and other people who’ve had a similar project and what they spent. So there’s ways to get an idea of what you’re going to spend. You can always call a Handyman Ofallon as well.
Donna: 05:59 I can tell you in an area where I have a little difficulty staying on budget and I bet I’m not alone is when it comes to picking out those finishes. You know, I think in my mind when we start a project, Oh you know, I’ll settle for, I’ll take this light or this fixture. But when it comes down to making that final decision, I always want the one that’s the most expensive. So that’s something that I think homeowners need to keep in mind, you know, as an area that they can easily go over budget.
Phil: 06:29 Yeah, absolutely. I mean you definitely have a gift. I mean you could look through a catalog with no prices and everything you pick out will be the most expensive.
Donna: 06:37 Yeah, it is a problem and it’s really hard to settle once you lay eyes on something you really want. You know, you’ve got this budget, get the bids and sometimes it is hard to know. You think that a project’s going to come in at, Oh, let’s just say 5,000 and every bid you get comes in maybe two to 3000 above that, you know there are some options for people. There are financing options available for folks. Can you talk a little bit about what some of those options are?
Phil: 07:08 Well, you have your local bank, they love to do home improvement loans for you. That a usually a pretty low cost. You also have, if you’re a member of a credit union, they have programs that you can use. There’s always credit cards that are available, although that tends to be a more pricier option
Donna: 07:25 And probably a riskier option for your budget.
Phil: 07:27 Yes. Could be because credit cards are really easy to get and spend over your budget. Yes some of your better contractors, like Handyman Ofallon providers with us offer financing programs. We offer one through a company called Greensky, so we have some options available there. Depending upon what you need. We have programs that can be six to 12 months, no interest programs. So if you pay the loan off within that time period, there’s no interest on it. So it’s a pretty good deal. There are options out there that you can use to close that gap and make a project affordable for you and not break your budget.
Donna: 08:10 Sure. Well, when it comes to a project and you know, you’re looking at the finances and the budget and whether or not you need financing, nothing can make a dream more of a reality than a good plan. So, can we talk about what needs to go into the plan and the value of having one?
Phil: 08:30 Well, even on a small project, it’s good to have a plan. So if you’re looking to hire Rapid Repair Pro, the Handyman Ofallon experts to come out and do some repairs for you, a good list of what you’re wanting done is helpful and saves time. You can get a quote on all the items you need done at once rather than not planning and then waiting until we arrive and saying, can we add this? Which we don’t mind at all, but it’s one of those things. It could be a little bit of a budget Buster if we get there on site and you add several projects to the list that you weren’t expecting to have to pay for. So, a list is good for that reason. The larger projects, it’s best to have a really good plan.
Phil: 09:15 Let’s say you are wanting to do a kitchen remodel. I’m not saying you need to get the total kitchen plan done before you contact us because many contractors offer that as a service. But if you’re going to interview contractors for that type of a project, have a very good idea of what you’re wanting so that they can all kind of quote the same things so that you could have a fair comparison. I would also recommend, there’s a common thing out there that says always get three bids. I’m not totally a fan of that and not because I’m a contractor and I don’t like it, but I think if you find a good contractor that you like, or other people like, you’ve checked them out, they’ve got great reviews, you can see that they’re, you know, a good contractor, they’re good people, they do good work. If you like them, there’s really nothing wrong with working with that person.
Phil: 09:58 Instead of getting three separate bids, if you get a price and you think the price is higher than what you were expecting, do little research and see how it compares. There’s so much information out there nowadays online, you can find out about what a kitchen remodel costs, what a bathroom model costs, because it’s really more important that you’re comfortable with the person who’s working in your home and that you know they have a good reputation, that you’re going to do good work because you can call three, 10, or 20 contractors out there and have them all come in and give you quotes, but it’s meaningless because you don’t know if they are good. You don’t know if they’re reputable. You don’t know if they’re honest. You don’t know if they’re, you know, you just don’t know. So your best bet is always to go with someone who other people know that have done a good job, like the reputable Handyman Ofallon techs at Rapid Repair Pro.
Phil: 10:41 That they have great reviews and you know, they’ve been around and you can be confident that you’re going to get along with them and they’re going to do a good job.
Donna: Good advice there. So what do we do? What to do next?
Phil: Whatever your plan is, whether it’s a small list of repair things you need or a larger project, give Handyman Ofallon experts a call. Call us at 800-741-6056. We have great reviews. We have a lot of satisfied customers. We do quality work and we’re not going to steer you wrong. We’re going to take good care of you. We’ll get whatever you need done, repaired, or fixed or remodeled and you’ll love it.
Donna: Great. It’s been great advice today. Definitely start with that plan folks. Then start talking to your favorite contractor or like Phil said, give us a call here at Rapid Repair Pro. So anything else you’d like to add today?
Phil: No, just remember to check out our reviews. Go to www.rapidrepairpro.com if you’re looking for help with Handyman Ofallon services. See our website, look at our videos, see our testimonials. Give us a call. Have a great day. Thank you. Bye.