Episode 7 – Tips For Entertaining

Donna: 00:01 Hello and welcome to another edition of rapid repair pro, the Handyman Ofallon experts. I am Donna Green, your host. Joining me in studio is Phil green. Our resident handyman Ofallon repair pro, and also in the studio with us is Lucy and Bauer our two valley bulldogs. You may hear Lucy scratching. She’s been pretty noisy. Yeah, she kind of sounds like Thumper right now. Her foot just hit in the floor. These two are pretty much our sidekicks. No point in leaving them outside of the studio because they would whine and cry. So they’re most often just sleeping at our feet. So if you heard any noises, that would be them. So hope you’re all having a wonderful day. And today we are bringing you tips for entertaining. You know, we are right now in the midst of the holidays, so there’s been a lot of entertaining going on and it can be a super fun thing to do, but it also can be an exhausting thing to do.
Donna: 01:00 I would like to just talk about some of the, the things that can put in place when entertaining to help take away that exhaustion. Maybe and make it more fun.
Phil: I have a question. How does a Handyman Ofallon fit into this discussion?
Donna: Well, the handyman fits into this discussion because I guarantee you that if I have an entertaining event coming up, there is something that I need fixed or repaired or updated.
Phil: I was thinking more in lines of I like to eat.
Donna: well, you fix these items for me and you definitely will have some good food. So that is exactly it for me. Nothing like knowing I’m going to be having guests over to the house to get me inspired to fix something that’s been broken or update something that it’s been nagging me for a while.
Donna: 01:52 But if I know that I’m having a dinner party or especially people that don’t come into our home very often, I definitely want some little sprucing done. Sure. And that’s a win win for us ladies. Right? We fix the food, a Handyman Ofallon fixes the rest. And we get to have fun by throwing a party and get those things fixed. So for me, when I know that I am going to be putting together a dinner night or whatever, you know, you’re preparing for your guests. Part of that preparation you need to take into account. You know, who your guests are and what are their likes and dislikes and where are they going to be the most comfortable. Nothing is harder for me than to have a dinner party and it feel like people are not comfortable or that it’s awkward. So knowing who my guests are and what their likes and dislikes are is very, very helpful.
Donna: 02:40 So that’s one of the steps that I do in preparing for my guests from the hospitality side of it. But the other part of it is, again, going back to fixing things and cleaning things, you know, you certainly don’t want to have a house full at a party and know that you’ve got a toilet that doesn’t flush very well and create an awkward situation that a Handyman Ofallon could easily repair. Recently we talked about that on a show about the awkwardness of a toilet not flushing. I think that was our show about which toilet to buy. So pay attention to all of those little things. If you have a loose bathroom doorknob, whenever you lock the door, maybe they can’t get out. That could be awkward. So pay attention to all of those doorknob,
Phil: The door that won’t lock and people walking on them.
Donna: 03:30 That’s, that’s awkward too. And so those are just some of the things that I take into consideration when preparing for the guests. I want them comfortable more than anything else. Is there anything, Phil, that you would like to add to that as far as repairs?
Phil: Well, not only repairs, but what about do you, do you have good lighting?
Donna: Hmm, that’s a good one.
Phil: You know, lighting sets the mood.
Donna: right? Yeah.
Phil: If your lighting is old and tired and you need a new look so that your house can really sparkle and shine, that’s definitely something that we would love to take care of for you as Handyman Ofallon experts.
Donna: Absolutely. Good point. So the next thing I do is once I take into consideration for my guests is I like to think of, of course everything revolves around food, right? And so I will start planning my menu and depending on the type of event we’re having, I personally like casual events.
Donna: 04:19 I’m not a big fan of stuffy sit down dinners. I really like it to just be flow and fun. But I love a theme. If I’m putting together a dinner party, that’s my favorite thing is to have a food theme, whether it be Mexican or Italian or you know, obviously the, what’s the big event coming up right around the corner after we all recover from the holidays is Superbowl. Right. And so that’s always an easy one to theme. And there’s a lot of fun things that revolve around that. So when it comes to what to serve,
Phil: I think super bowl parties have, they usually have the best food of all of them.
Donna: Oh, they’re all just fun appetizers, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And Cinco de Mayo, you can’t forget about a Cinco de Mayo event.
Phil: Do you do you usually do that at a home as a home party?
Donna: 05:04 Some people do. Yeah. If I was having a party around the May 5th I would be having, I would do a Cinco de Mayo.
Phil: We should. That would be fun.
Donna: So plan what to serve and then your decor ideas after Handyman Ofallon services are done. Sometimes you want to tie the decor into the theme. If you are having the football party for super bowl, obviously you’re going to want to have football decor. Otherwise, if it’s just a casual event, just make sure that your home is inviting and that the mood is set again by the atmosphere with lighting and comfort for people.
Phil: What kind of things would you serve? Let’s say that you’re going to have a super bowl party. What would be good things to serve?
Donna: Nachos, but I love nachos. Huh?
Phil: That’s a given.
Donna: Yeah. I mean, oftentimes it’s tailgate themed food, you know, bratwurst or a little miniature hotdogs.
Phil: Jalapeno poppers
Donna: 05:59 Yeah. More appetizer types. Chilli is a good one. Yeah. For Superbowl party.
Phil: Hot wings.
Donna: Absolutely. Football shaped cheese balls is almost at every Superbowl party that I’ve ever done. Veggie trays that look like the end zone like the whole football field. So those are the fun theme, things like that. And then of course we kind of talked about the decor. So for the football game you’d have team colors and you could also to tie in with the games and the different teams as you could have a game board where you pick the winning score, what’s that game board called where you have different scores and you have the teams and then everybody puts their name on a box and whoever gets closest to the score loses. My brain is not connecting. When your Handyman Ofallon needs are taken care of, you can enjoy yourself.
Donna: 06:54 Yeah, that’s a fun game, but games related to that to see who can pick the winner and see how it all ends. And if it’s not football related, I have a word of caution for games is not everybody loves games. Sometimes it makes people really uncomfortable. So again, that goes back to preparing for your guests and knowing what they like. Some people are just more comfortable with some fun conversation and when you break out the game board, they wish they could crawl under the table or sneak out the door. It depends on the game. It does. Some people really don’t like playing, you know, games that make them be outgoing, like Pictionary or charades or things like that.
Phil: But that same person might love a good game of monopoly or risk.
Donna: 07:37 Well, and that’s where you have to be. That’s kind of a not such a fun party, Phil. If it’s a monopoly or risk.
Phil: Yeah, that is my favorite. The cashflow game. Yeah.
Donna: We don’t play games very often folks, after all, we’re Handyman Ofallon business owners. But.. I love Pictionary and all those. So just be mindful of that. If you know your group coming over loves games, go for it. Because to me there’s a, Nope, no, there’s no better icebreaker then to take away that need for conversation and it just happens organically through the games.
Phil: You know, games like that you’re talking about they, I think they work really well when it was just an informal get together with other couples. I think games work really well for those kinds of things rather than like a big party like of like a football.
Donna: Sure, absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. There’s also mixer games that you can do to help, especially if you have people coming over that don’t know each other.
Donna: 08:39 It may help if you do some sort of a mixer game, but bottom line is be mindful of your guests because you want them comfortable more than anything else.
Phil: What are your thoughts on beverages?
Donna: Hmm. So that can get complicated for a function as a hostess, I like to provide the basics. I like to provide obviously known alcoholic beverages and I like to provide beer and wine and some spirits. However, when I invite people over, I always let them know they’re welcome to bring whatever it is that they prefer because people really are opinionated on that and what they want and what they like. That goes from soda to beer to spirits. People have a strong preference and
Phil: I think soda is actually worse.
Donna: It is. How do you know is that, I mean literally if you had all Pepsi and someone came and they were totally a Coke drinker, that is like, it’s like a big no, no, you don’t do that. And so what do you serve?
Phil: 09:42 Most people are okay drinking pretty much any kind of beer, but they’re stuck on their soda.
Donna: 09:49 They are stuck on their soda. So I try to have a variety and if I know the people really well then I’ll ask, Hey, what’s your preference? What do you like to drink? Hopefully I would know that just cause I would know them super well. But sometimes I don’t know what people drink. And most time people are great with water too if they don’t want the alcoholic beverage. So I try to provide a variety of things when guests come over,
Phil: 10:12 Everybody enjoys a good party and I know I, I like it when my wife is happy and entertaining, makes my wife happy. So I like entertaining. But it helps when your house is in good shape, when things look good and your house is inviting, you’re comfortable bringing people into your home and it makes it more fun. That’s one thing my wife finds as having a Handyman Ofallon pro in the house. So, you know, if your house is not quite up to what you feel comparable with people coming over and entertaining, you know, give us a call, we’d love to come over and take a look at some things you might be wishing you had done but maybe didn’t know you could, you could get done, whether it be, you know, your lighting and your flooring, just general repairs like that toilet that won’t flush or the door that won’t close and we can take care all those things for you. And we can also offer you financing, no interest financing to help you get those projects done. Have your house looking sharp
Donna: 11:13 And by the time you’re done working on their home, they’re going to love you so much that we’ll get invited to their party and then I’ll be super happy too.
Phil: 11:21 Yeah. So you know, give us a call at 800-741-6056. We’d love to come over and take a look at those things for you and see what we can do to help you out as Handyman Ofallon pros. You can check us out online. We have great reviews, people love the work that we do, and we take good care of our customers and we always look forward to continuing to work for customers over and over again.
Donna: 11:44 So remember folks, if you’ve listened to our podcasts along the way, a little joke Phil and I have in our marriage, we’ve been married 37 years this year. And I tell him that the whole reason that I’ve kept him around this long is because he can fix anything. And so just keep that in mind that I’m willing to share him as a handyman. For those women that don’t have that handyman Ofallon, I’m willing to share mine. So please give us a call and let him take care of those needs.
Phil: And always remember when you’re having a party, don’t let your guests leave in state that they should not be driving.
Donna: Absolutely. And with that, thank you for joining us, and y’all have a great day.