Episode 8 – Building a Home Gym

Donna: Hello and welcome to another episode of the rapid repair pro podcast with Handyman O’Fallon experts. My name is Donna Green and I am your host. Joining me is the rapid repair pro resident Handyman O’Fallon expert and my personal repair pro Phil green.
Phil: Hello Everybody.
Donna: Also joining us in studio is Lucy and Bauer our two loved, valley bulldogs and very spoiled. So today I am super excited. I love what we’re talking about. We are talking about building a home gym. And this is a topic near and dear to my heart. I think fitness is huge. We should all be moving in some form or fashion and, and it looks different for everybody. Some people love going to a gym. That’s what motivates them. That’s what keeps them disciplined and committed. I myself love working out in my home gym that we’ve created as Handyman O’Fallon experts. I don’t have a fancy home gym. It’s pretty practical, but man, it serves a purpose and it gets the job done.
Phil: It saves you a ton of time too.
Donna: It does save me a ton of time. So I am super excited to talk to our listeners today about what it looks like to build a home gym and whether or not that’s right for you.
Phil: Why don’t you start by giving us an idea of what that ideal basic home gym looks like.
Donna: For me, I love to do mostly free weights so I don’t have a lot of things you don’t need, let’s put it that way. You don’t need a lot of big machines. You really could have a rack of dumbbells with various weights and get and accomplish a lot when it comes to fitness goals. I have probably been on my fitness journey for a little over 10 years. And for the most part I’ve done all free weights. You can do free weight with squats, you can do leg, all kinds of leg exercises with, with dumbbells, chest, you can do everything with dumbbells.
Donna: So really to have just a basic home gym that will get you exactly what you need for fitness goals from head to toe, you need a good sturdy floor with some cushion. So if you’re working out in your basement, you definitely have to have a floor that takes some impact. And even if you’re on a wood floor, you should have some cushion. Some of the, you know, say you’re going to be doing some jump squats, you want to have something that’s going to absorb some of that impact that’s padded, right?
Phil: Cheap locked together floor pads. The Handyman O’Fallon is simple to do.
Donna: Yup, that’s all I use. The other thing you need is varying dumbbells. So you could start with five, 10, or 15 pounds. That’s for ladies. That’s really a great place to start. Five or 10, 15 maybe when it comes to doing some squats, you’re going to need to take it up to 20s and 25 lbs. and you can build from there.
Donna: But to get started, a few dumbbells, maybe some resistance bands, and a way to hook those so that you could do some pull downs and do exercises that I could go into all kinds of theories on exercises, but some bands so that it gives you that, that mix of movements and pushing and pulling types. So that’s really all you need. Another great inexpensive piece of equipment is a yoga ball. If you don’t have, to invest in a weight bench. A yoga ball is fantastic for a couple of reasons. One, it gives you something that you can lay on and do chest presses or lying tricep extensions. But while you’re lying on a yoga ball, you’re also working your core so you’re getting extra workout when you do that. So a yoga ball is an awesome, another great inexpensive addition to a workout room.
Donna: One of the other things that I think should be a piece of a workout room is some mirrors, you need to check your form and it’s nice whenever you’re working out and you can see that muscle definition start. So that’s a good motivator. Part of the mindset for working out is focusing on that muscle that you’re working on. So if you’ve got a good set of mirrors, you can focus on those biceps as you’re curling that mind body connection has been shown to increase benefits and muscle growth. So a good set of mirrors is also, to me, very valuable. And then where are you going to put it? You need to have it in a room that you feel good about, so it has to be well lit, has to look nice. If you’re in the corner of the basement and you’re surrounded by boxes upon boxes, it’s going to be really hard to motivate you to go down there. That’s when you should call Handyman O’Fallon experts at Rapid Repair Pro.
Donna: So if you can set up a place in your house that looks nice, that you feel good going to, that also is as a really helpful motivator.
Phil: That’s definitely true. You don’t want to feel like you’re going into a dungeon to workout.
Donna: No. It’s nice to have a bright, clean, attractive, organized space. Rapid Repair Pro, the Handyman O’Fallon experts can help.
Phil: It doesn’t have to be expensive to get it that way. I mean you can, if you’re in a basement, you can paint the floor joist in the floor above you. You can add some nice lighting, you know, put the colorful mat down on the floor, put up some mirrors, make it inviting.
Donna: Yeah. I also have a few posters in mind because it helps motivate me when I see the quotes or, or you know, photos of women that have accomplished much or what have you. That’s also a motivator for me.
Phil: I think another good choice is to have a TV in it.
Donna: Absolutely. Yeah mounted to the wall.
Phil: One you can swivel around because it, to me anyway, it helps to do work, to work out along with a video kind of paces me and yeah, I find that if I didn’t do that, I would probably wouldn’t work out as long. It’s nice having a Handyman O’Fallon expert in the house to set this up for us.
Donna: Absolutely. You may quit easy. Quicker. Yeah. So that’s a definitely a must.
Phil: What about, how do you feel about maybe having a treadmill if you can afford it?
Donna: Well it again, it depends on what you need and what motivates you and what you’re going to do. So we have a treadmill. You use it regularly. I despise it. So for me it’s not my favorite, my best form of cardio. I don’t like dreading a workout. I rarely ever dread to work out. So I try not to do things that I do dread. But I think a treadmill, a stair climber and elliptical are great tools. If you’re going to use it, if you’re not going to use it, don’t invest in it or call a Handyman O’Fallon technician.
Phil: Right? Yeah. It’s expensive piece of equipment to just be sitting around.
Donna: Yeah, I think I have used it mostly to hang my bands on so I can pull them, but I can’t tell you the last time I really did a treadmill.
Phil: Maybe they like to do pull ups.
Donna: There are a couple of things. If you’ve got to work out, if you’re in your basement and you have flexibility and you know what you can do there. We have a pull up bar in our rafters. So you know, we have that option. The other option that you can have is the pull downs. So that would be having your bands maybe up above a doorway or attached to a door and then you’re kneeling and you’re kind of pulling down. That might require a video to really explain it, but you don’t have to have a pull up bar to be able to do pull ups.
Donna: You could also do pull downs. They also make some pretty good inexpensive chin up bars.
Phil: They hang in the doorways.
Donna: Yep. So there’s all kinds of options out there for the home gym. But really the most important thing is what’s going to motivate you. Some of the benefits to having a home gym versus going or having a gym membership. One, it’s cheap. It’s very inexpensive to have a home gym. Costs me nothing per month. And the money that I save, I can put into equipment if I want to build equipment. My big thing that we just purchased this year is my deadlift bar, I’m super excited about that. Some of the benefits to the home gym is for me, and why it motivates me is I need to get my workout done first thing in the morning. If I put at the end of my day, I will find 1,000,001 excuses not to do it.
Donna: So the minute I get out of bed, my workout clothes go on and I hit my workout room. I’m not happy to go out when it’s 30 degrees outside, warm my car and drive to a gym. I wouldn’t do it. I just absolutely wouldn’t do it. And I personally, when I get into my workout room, I’m in my head about it. I really don’t want to be there, you know, waiting in line for a dumbbell or waiting in line for a benchat a gym. I kinda like that. That’s kind of my time and I really don’t want to share it with anybody in a big setting like that. That’s definitely a benefit if you just really want to get into those workouts. Most importantly, it’s the convenience of it no matter what, It’s right here. I don’t have a lot of excuses as to why I didn’t make it to the gym other than I just didn’t want to. So there’s just, to me, so many more benefits. Now if you’re social and you need that to motivate you, then a home gym might be a bit of a struggle for you. And that might be where you need to be in a gym membership if that’s what’s gonna motivate you to get there as those other people. For me, it’s convenience.
Phil: Well, you also have the ability when you go to a gym to work with someone that can develop a plan for you.
Donna: You can bring someone, I mean, there’s so many personal trainers that come to your home now, right? So that’s even an option from your home. And my goodness, YouTube and Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest has so many workouts that you can tap into and do in your home gym that it’s so incredibly easy.
Phil: Yeah, I’m with you. I prefer the home gym for the convenience of running my Handyman O’Fallon business.
Donna: Absolutely. The most important thing though, whether it’s at home or a gym, is that you’re moving in some capacity that you’re not only getting some cardio, but you’re building some muscle and keeping yourself strong. That’s what’s going to take you well into the aging years is to stay strong and flexible.
Phil: Absolutely. If you’re interested in a home gym and you need a little help getting it started give us a call, we’d love to come over, take a look at your space so we can help you get it put together and get it in good shape and make it an inviting space that you want to go to. Because if you don’t, if you don’t do it right, you won’t be motivated to go there. You won’t enjoy it while you are there.
Donna: Right.
Phil: So, you know, let’s get it fixed up for you.
Donna: Yeah. So Phil, if someone is interested in a home gym and wants more information or wants to know how to get started or if they’ve got the right space, how do they get in touch with you?
Phil: Well you can give us a call @ 800-741-6056 or you can find us online at www.rapidrepairpro.com and you can fill out a contact request form or you can give us a call. We’ll come out at no charge as Handyman O’Fallon experts and take a look at what you’re wanting to do and give you a quote. Check out our reviews online, you’ll find that we have lots of them and that people love us.
Donna: Sure.
Phil: We do good work. So yeah, give us a call. We’d be happy to come over and talk about what you want to do and how the Handyman O’Fallon techs can help. If you have any fitness questions, I’m sure Donna would love to talk about that with you. She loves that topic.
Donna: I can get into it a little bit. Sure.
Donna: Okay. Awesome. Well, thank you Phil for bringing this topic to our listeners and helping with Handyman O’Fallon topics. I was really excited about this one, as you could tell. I’m sure
Phil: You’re welcome and everybody have a good day. Thanks. Bye.