About Us

We are a handyman company that is all about you. We want to give you a convenient, friendly, and fun experience while taking care of your #1 investment. Our team will not scare you or make you uncomfortable to have us in your home. We really want to be very different than you may be used to in a service business. Skills? we have em! Give us a try, let us wow you!

If you’re a Realtor looking for a great handyman referral we would love to meet and discuss how we can help you close more deals with less problems. We offer quick turnaround on repair quotes so you can respond to offers quickly. All you have to do is send the repair list and inspection report to info@rapidrepairpro.com and we will respond right away.

Our History


Building and fixing things has been a part of my life for forty plus years. I built my first building when I was twelve using used lumber that my buddy’s dad gave us. It was a little rough, but we enjoyed building it and used it as our clubhouse. In high school I took shop class and sold furniture that I made to my teachers. I have always excelled at working with my hands.

In 1980 I joined the US Coast Guard and served for six years as a Boatswains Mate 2nd class. I really enjoyed the experience serving my country. I served on the icebreaker USCGC Westwind, where I spent time in the arctic. I also served at a marine safety office doing pollution investigations and vessel inspections. My last assignment was on the USCGC Ute based out of Key West. I learned a lot about leadership and responsibility during my time in service.

I returned home to the Collinsville area and began my career working as a carpenter in 1986. Through the years I gained experience in carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work. In 2010 I earned a certificate in HVAC at South Western IL College where I later returned and became and instructor in electrical/hvac.



I began my building experience helping my dad construct a large two story room addition on our house when I was 13. We worked on the project together from the foundation up till the last piece of trim. I will never forget carrying all 260 of those 80 lb bags of concrete around the house and down the hill to mix for the footings. A few times a couldn’t stop on the hill and kept running with the bag until I got to the bottom of the hill. Me and mom thought it was funny, but dad told me to quit goofing off, (dads right?). Anyway, it was a great experience, made me strong, and helped create a bond with my dad that we still have today. I plan to buy that house from my folks soon and raise my own family there.

After high school I worked as a union carpenter apprentice building apartment buildings and assisted living centers. I honed my skills as a carpenter and learned how to work efficiently.

Our Start in Business

Phil started a remodeling service in 2007 called Green Remodeling offering kitchen and bath renovation, room additions, and general remodeling services. Business was going well and then the recession of 2008 hit, and things got a little slow. We needed to change things because folks were not spending money fixing up their kitchens and baths any longer. So, we started changing our service offerings. Phil earned a license in IL as a radon mitigator in 2009 and with the HVAC training started adding indoor air quality services soon after. Scott joined Phil as a full partner in 2012 and he ran the remodeling division while Phil ran the indoor air quality division. We began to see the potential in the IAQ field, and we were looking for a way to grow that business. We bought a franchise of Advantaclean in 2015 and things really took off.


2019 and Beyond

Early in 2019 we decided Scott was ready and able to lead the Advantaclean team and he assumed the position of President of the Advantaclean franchise. We re-branded Green Remodeling as Rapid Repair Pro and Phil became President. We have a vision of creating a handyman business that is different than 99% of what you may be used to working with. You know the type, hard to get ahold of, won’t call you back, doesn’t show up, late, scary looking, or incompetent. I’m sure you have experienced at least one of these before. With us you can expect to have your calls answered and we will not send a Manson family look alike to work in your home. We offer online booking for your convenience and the prices for many of our services are listed on the website so you can browse and get info without hassle. We will always show up on time and treat your home with the care you deserve. We constantly train our people in their service skills and craft. We also warranty our workmanship for 1 year and if we do make a mistake to do whatever possible to make it right.

Our ultimate goal is to create a handyman service system that can be repeated nationwide!

We currently service the following cities:

  • Collinsville, IL
  • Edwardsville, IL
  • O’Fallon, IL
  • Maryville, IL
  • Glen Carbon, IL
  • Troy, IL
  • Fairview Heights, IL
  • Shilo, IL
  • Swansea, IL
  • Mascoutah, IL
  • St. Louis, MO